Talent Branding and How it is Used By Companies

Present day world is all about competition. In order to survive in the rat race, you got to be the best. Such a situation is also confusing for people, as to who they should choose to work for or do business with. Hence, companies adopt several marketing techniques to make themselves appear more appealing to their target audience. One of the very important techniques is Talent Branding.

What is talent branding?
Also referred to as employer branding, it is a marketing strategy to promote an organization as an employer. A company’s reputation is primarily based on the quality of work it delivers. Hence, better skilled members would mean better market value; which in turn is very crucial for a company to survive in a competitive market.

How is talent banding used by companies?
Companies use this technique to bring the best skilled people under the same roof. So, instead of trying to reach a target audience, the strategy is designed to bring the audience to the right people.

What does talent/employer branding focus on?

  • Promotes the positives: It highlights all the positive reasons why one should choose an organization as an employer.
  • More than a preferred choice: It helps the company to rise over being just a mere choice for people. A company is chosen not because it is a choice but because it provides its clients and employees with what they need
  • Employee-centric environment: It helps bringing the attention of people to the aspect that the company values its employees and they are well taken care of.

Importance of talent branding in a company:
  • Enhances employee confidence: The strategy automatically elevates the self-confidence in employees, as they know that they are among the best in their field; which in turn help them perform better.
  • Compliments the company’s brand name: More number of talented people in an organization means better reputation in the market. Hence, employer branding positively affects the company’s brand name.
  • It helps in retaining and recruiting employees: Everyone wants to work for a company that cares and value its employees. Talent branding helps in forming a culture, where employee’s interests are cared for. This in turn leads to job satisfaction and retention of employees.

What makes a company a successful employer/talent brander?
  • Unique approach: There is a tough competition out there. Every company is trying to achieve the same goals. In a situation like this a company’s approach matters the most. A successful brander highlights its unique approach towards its goals.
  • Technology complimenting system: For a company to be at the top, it has to be at par with the recent technologies. Hiring skilled people who can work with evolving technologies, gives the organization a cutting edge over the others.
  • Focus and commitment to employees: Employee satisfaction is very important for a company to run smoothly. The more committed and focused an organization is about its employees, the better is the quality of work delivered.
  • Sense of purpose: A successful brander has a very strong and clear sense of purpose. This helps the organization to work in way that helps leveraging the company’s values and mission.

Studies have shown that employee brand and corporate brand together form an effective talent brand. Print advertising, electronic mediums and other general documents like employee handbooks, are effective mediums to practice talent branding.

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