Teaching Interview Preparation

Teachers are the builders of the society. They are entrusted with the great responsibility of teaching the new generation so that they can grow up to become good citizens of the country and contribute towards its development. Hence, only the bests are required when it comes to choose for the teacher’s position. Aspirants wanting to become teachers hence are required to know what it takes to crack the interviews for teachers.

Being a scholar isn’t enough to become a teacher. The incumbent is expected to have the required skill to impart knowledge. A teacher is needed to grip the interests of students on a subject and also to help them progress in the line of study. Hence, one needs more than the knowledge of the subject to get selected for the post of a teacher.

Teaching Interview Tips

Learn your subject: Even when you are a scholar on the subject you are also expected to know about the basics. Depending upon the post you are applying for you’d need to brush up your knowledge. Get hold of the syllabus to prepare yourself for the interview. The interviewer will expect you to have a clear idea about the syllabus and may ask questions based on that.

Search School /College website: The School /College website will have the information which will help you form your ideas about the prospective employer. Check out about the background of the school, its board of administrator, subjects offered, campus facilities and the like. If you are well informed about the school it will help you create a good impression upon your employer.

Check job requirements: Check out the requirements, such as- expertise, specialization, experience etc. for the job and prepare yourself accordingly. Check if you match the desired profile. You may need to fine-tune your resume based on the requirements for the job. Check out if you can highlight any additional qualification, which will help you strengthen your claim over the position.

Evaluate yourself: Before you apply for any job it is important to reevaluate your skills and knowledge to fine-tune them for the position. Make a list of your strengths and weaknesses. If you are a good communicator, find story where you have used your skill to solve an issue. Be prepared to sell the story to the interviewer. If you have taken part in different cultural activities - highlight those on your resume. These will help you sell yourself differently from the other candidates.

Prepare teaching portfolio: To apply for a teaching position you’ll need to compile your teaching portfolio, which will contain evidences of your student teaching experience- lesson plans, sample course works, teaching assignments, student work-samples, parent news-letters etc.

Arrange all your documents in a binder and catalogue them well. Show your portfolio to the interviewer.

Learn acronyms: Sometimes the interviewers will throw jargons and acronyms to catch you off-guard. Hence, make a list of all the acronyms and buzz words of the teaching world and upgrade yourself. Not knowing a phrase or acronym may prove that you are casual about your profession. Hence, you can’t risk of not knowing a particular word.

Prepare sample questions: Step into the shoes of the interviewer and try to find out what questions he can ask you. Scrutinize your resume and the other documents and make a list of probable questions that the interviewer can ask based of those. Prepare sample answers and practice them on mock interviews.

Prepare your questions: Make a list of questions that you are going to ask the interviewer. While preparing the list of questions make sure that they are intelligent and relevant. Don’t ask direct questions about the salary and perks.

Teaching Interview Questions

Appearing for a teaching job interview can be difficult if you don’t know how to prepare for it. Check out the following sample questions for a teaching job.

  1. How about telling us something about yourself?
  2. Describe your teaching career so far.
  3. Tell us more about your experience of working with students of different age group.
  4. How will you determine the performance of students in a class?
  5. Tell us about your philosophy for teaching profession.
  6. What has motivated you to become a teacher?
  7. What do you think- teaching younger students is easier than teaching older students? Why?
  8. What are your strengths and weaknesses as teacher?
  9. What are your strengths and how those have helped you in becoming a better teacher?
  10. How do you motivate your students in the class to use higher-order thinking abilities?
  11. How will you encourage students to be creative?
  12. Tell us about a lesson where you have used different teaching method to interest students.
  13. Describe a typical day of yours in a classroom. If the inspector visits your classroom what he/she will find.
  14. How will you turn learning into a fun event for your students?
  15. How will you instruct your students to help them prepare for state level exams?
  16. How will you help weaker students to perform better in the class?
  17. How will you deal with a particularly difficult student?
  18. If two of your students having a fight at the classroom how will you handle the situation?
  19. How will you handle a parent-teacher meet when a parent is worried about the low grades of his/her child?
  20. Do you know computer? Will you incorporate technology in your classroom for better learning experience?
  21. Do you like taking part in cultural activities?

It is not unusual to feel the fear before the interview. No matter how learned you are or how many years of experience you have in teaching students there are still chances of messing up during an interview. Hence, a little help for preparing for teaching interviews is always welcome. Once the interview is over don’t forget to shake hands with interviewers and send a ‘thank you’ note expressing your gratitude. You may also follow up accordingly.

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