Tech University Denmark (Denmark)

DTU or the Technical University of Denmark is situated in Kongens Lyngby, Copenhagen (north), Denmark. This one is the country’s most popular research universities. The students of DTU are ideally guided towards new discoveries and give wings to their entrepreneurial ambitions. Students, willing to get themselves enrolled in the university should be well prepared to be a part of a completely researched based innovative education. There are almost more than 400 new PhD enrolments every year. The institution also offers around more than 400 courses in English. Listed below are some ways by which you can prepare yourself for the interview at the university.

The Type of Questions you should Prepare: Your first responsibility would be to sit down with the list of questions that are generally posed to students appearing for university interviews. Having a look at the general interview questions would give you a hang of what a boardroom interview is like. Then, comes the turn of subject-specific interview questions. Both the internet and relevant books would help you a lot in this regard. However, it would be even greater if you take the trouble of getting in touch with seniors particularly for this part. They can help you better in dealing with these questions. At times it becomes very difficult to approach a question in the right manner. At times, though it feels like you know the answer to a particular question, you find it difficult to articulate yourself simply because you know that the answer needs a slightly different approach from the way you have prepared it. The initial nerves of facing panelists, of being in an alien ambience might take a toll on your confidence level as well. So its always better to knock seniors who have already had been successful in braving these situations, for help.

Know About the University Well Knowing about the university you are interviewing for remains a difficult proposition. But it is important. If you are not sincere about knowing about the university well, then your chances of cracking the interview remain difficult. If the interviewer asks you something like- “What do you know about our university?” he probably won’t be too happy with a mugged-up answer focusing on the history of the institution (viz, its day of establishment, who its founder was etc). The interviewer wants to know where you see yourself in the university and why. Are you just interested in joining it because it’s a brand? Or is your willingness to join the same is backed by thorough research on your end? So besides, learning about its history, make sure that you are acquainting yourself more with the present faculty of the institution, the courses they are offering, and the prospects offered by the course that you want to pursue etc.

Possible Interview Questions that You Can Face

Q1.Why do you want to join us?
Q2.What do you know about us?
Q3.Why are you willing to pursue this course?
Q4.Please tell us a bit about your strengths.
Q5.Is there anything which makes you really angry?

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