How to prepare for Technical Writer interview

Interview preparations for the post of technical writer should be a little systematic as the field itself encompasses a host of aspects. While you should be aware of the basic questions posed to technical writer, you should also research thoroughly on the background of the company to get a hang of things which you might have to deal with. Let us learn more:

  • Be well aware of various web writing codes, as you might be asked to share your know how of HTML, and programming languages Visual Basic or Java
  • Read the job requirements carefully so that you can prepare accordingly
  • Basic questions asked to you would be based on introducing the concept of technical writing, the lifecycle of a document, preparations of user guidelines etc.
  • Categorize your questions and answers under different headingsóVisio, Microsoft Office, Dreamweaver etc, devoting equal attention to each one of them
  • Go through your CV thoroughly, donít miss out on any point that needs to be included, updated, or removed (as it might reflect discrepancies)
  • Have a set of your questions regarding job responsibilities, requirements, and so on ready, thereby clearly implying that you are serious about bagging the jobóhowever be careful not to start off with inquiring of the remuneration

Technical Writer interview- Dos and Doníts
  • Look up different sets of interview questions from reliable sources and prepare regularly--- since itís a profile which calls for both your technical prowess and flair for writing you will have a difficult task at hand
  • Be prepared to face behavioral questions testing your patience, team skills, planning, accuracy etc--- thus jot down all the experiences from your past jobs so that you can derive relevant points from them to back you claims
  • Be duly prepared to be asked questions relating to the industryís background, the growth opportunities here, the challenges faced by the industry etc
  • Note down lesser known but relevant facts or figures that might be of help
  • Dress up professionally
  • Be punctual-- reaching at least 15-20 minutes earlier
  • Be as organized as possibleóbe it structuring your answers or be it providing your documents whenever asked for
  • Maintain a positive attitude throughout
  • Shake hands with the interviewer after the conversation is over
  • Keep a follow up--- you can do this by e-mailing the company a letter of appreciation for shelling out the precious time for the conversation repeating your wish to serve them

  • Leave your preparations half baked--- technical writing is a fast emerging concept in India and you are expected to be well acquainted with current practices and have your own ideas for meeting challenges faced by the industry
  • Donít be disheartened if you think that you will be rejected owing to your lack of experienceóto better your chances in the industry you can volunteer yourself for non-profit organizations to hone your skills and boost your resume
  • Sound discouraging or negative at any point of the interview
  • Donít forget to apologize if while answering a question you suddenly identify a mistake--- apologize for the same and then go on to the correct point
  • Dress up improperly
  • Leave on a bad note

Technical WritingóBest Companies to target
  • IBM Corp
  • Oracle Corp.
  • Cognizant Technology Solutions Corp
  • Tata Consultancy Services Limited

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