Things never to say in interview

A few days before that all-important interview and you still might be grappling with the interview preparation tips, ways to dress, how to speak, how to answer tricky questions etc. But it would be advisable for you to pay equal attention to the “interview don’ts” as well. There are certain things that you must never say in an interview that not only costs your present but future chances of joining the organization as well. Here is a brief list of things not to say in an interview:

"I am satisfied with any job that comes my way".

Answer: If you think saying something like this establishes you as a “blatantly” honest candidate in front of the panelists then you are sorely mistaken. It would rather be perceived as sheer lack of focus and professionalism on your part. They want to know why you are interested in interviewing for the particular post and how you can contribute towards it with your expertise.

“I see myself continuing to be a part of the company five years from now”

It’s ok to reflect an urge to serve the company you’re interviewing for, in every possible manner. But it’s really not advisable to sound overconfident. Initially you will probably be looking forward to land up with the job in the company and receiving opportunities to learn and grow as a professional individual. 5 years is too far to be anticipated with that kind of confidence.

“Your salary offer sounds good.”

It’s a big “no” for salary negotiation. The reason why it’s called “negotiation” is because you are supposed to negotiate rather than jumping in to an offer. Remember, the interviewer remains least impressed as well. There are chances of him noticing sheer lack of enthusiasm from your end to sell yourself and demand a worthwhile salary.

“My ex-boss wasn’t as inspiring”

Bad mouthing your ex-boss or colleagues would be perceived as negativity. Instead, if asked about your reason to quit your job, you should focus more on your urge to explore wider horizons in your field, rather than crying down someone. “I’m not aware of any of my weakness as a candidate”.

It might be the biggest turn-off for recruiters where they find themselves faced with serious lack of humility and urge to learn, in a candidate- a perceived misfit for the corporate world!

“I don’t know anything about your company”

It means that you haven’t taken the trouble to find out about the organization even after getting a call!!! There are chances you will be dismissed as plain lazy or indifferent.


It is understandable that you are all nerves at the all important job interview and there are chances of committing irrevocable gaffes during these times. There’s no need to fret. Avail the tips mentioned above and you’re set for a great interview!

Last Updated On:12/09/2013

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