Things that will make your interviewer hate you

The increasing pool of talent today has made it a bit difficult for recruiters to screen out job applicants easily. So theyíre more serious about scrutinizing and identifying even the most nominal fault in interviewees and disqualifying candidature in accordance. Donít make their job easier by saying or doing things that will make your interviewer hate you. Hereís a list:

Harping on the negative qualities of your ex-employer: You might as well have a number of reasons for quitting your company and one of them might be your ex-boss whose tantrums you couldnít put up with. But it really isnít wise to be too vocal about your dislikes. Refrain from maligning your ex-boss in front of your potential employers just because you think that you have the chance and right to do it. Rather your sheer disrespect for him/her can actually make your interviewers question your sense of gratitude and deference.

Half Baked Preparations: This can really turn the tide against you. You might as well be the most properly dressed and the most affable of the candidates out there. But all this can be undone in case you go unprepared or for that matter less prepared. Half baked knowledge about the organization irks employers the most even if your technical know how remains flawless.

Crying Down Your Past Job Responsibilities: The past job responsibilities shouldered by you have actually shaped your professional credentials in a major way- and to some extent your ambitions as well. Thus, it would only seem incongruous if you only have bad things to say about your past job. Instead if youíre asked about the reason for quitting your past job, try to focus more on your urge to explore newer horizons in your field rather than bringing the ills of your past job responsibilities to the fore.

Misusing Your Online Presence: Your online presence, that is greatly influenced by your Social Networking tendencies would be under close scrutiny of your employers. Today around 65% of employers want their employees to be a regular in the web circuit. Therefore, to start off with, your absence from these platforms is hardly going to help your cause. Even if you are there you might as well need to do a bit of cleaning up before attending the much important job interview. This will be required especially if youíve had the habit of criticizing your employers online or else maligning them.

Not Keeping The Basics Right: You might be riding high on your chances of cracking the interview by virtue of your professional abilities. But remember that a successful interview is an amalgamation of several virtues including due regard for interview basics (like punctuality, proper attire, body language etc), grasp over the demands of the job etc. Donít think that you will be offered the much coveted position even if you havenít been serious about:
  • Being punctual
  • Choose a proper dress
  • Conduct yourself in an agreeable manner
  • Part with a smile on your face and thanking the interviewer
  • Listen to your interviewer patiently


Last Updated On:06/09/2013

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