Things to keep in mind while giving online interview test

Online interview tests are a great way to boost your interview preparations. The availability of an array of free online tests has made it easier for candidates to test their skills before the all important interview. However it is always advisable to be a little prudent while taking these tests. There are a few things which should strictly be followed. What are they? Let’s find out. But before that let us explore a little more on what these tests are:

Online Interview Tests- a few facts

These tests have become an integral part of interview preparations for candidates who are really sincere about the job at hand and are too serious to dismiss the interview as just a casual shot

However there are some who don’t like being tested online as they feel that negative results can dent their confidence to a large extent.

These tests mean serious business and there are absolutely no ways in taking them lightly as there are time periods, marks clearly specified

These tests cover general skills like Aptitude, Assessment and subject specific areas like Java, .net, C# etc

Things to keep in mind while taking online interview tests

As already mentioned you have serious business at hand, so you better be duly diligent about it. Start preparing for these tests way before your actual interview

Be calm and relax before pressing the “Take Test” button —maintain this calmness throughout your test and don’t start panicking seeing the clock ticking on your computer

Remember that in most of the tests your paper will be automatically submitted as time expires--- so answer each of the questions carefully--- don’t think you will have ample time to revise and correct your mistakes later

Most of these interview tests have the norms written clearly --- go through them before pressing the “Take Test” button

It is better not to take this test just before the day you are about to appear for your interview as negative results may start bothering you

Lastly don’t be disheartened by low scores as it is only a means of assessment and not the real test

You might as well want to keep a few things intact while giving your interview online (video interviews) as well:

  • Make sure your land phone and mobile are switched off
  • Dress properly (just as would do for a board room interview) as the interviewer can see you
  • Make sure the device/devices which you are using for interview is/are perfectly in order for example your PC or laptop, webcam etc
  • Keep a glass of water by your side to clear your throat from time to time
  • Pick a comfortable chair
  • Make sure your desk is clear

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