Know how to prepare for an interview at Apple

From redefining the meaning of smart phones, and rediscovery of mp3 to engineering, a whole range of innovations for other portable devices, American Multinational Company Apple has changed the way we look at technology today. It has been rightly said that the other name for Apple is “innovation”. Though some do not approve its monopoly, for others, Apple is the first and last word when it comes to gadgets. There also must be a lot of techies out there who want to work for Apple. So how about knowing a bit more about the interview preparations at Apple? Here is more on them:

Be prepared to face some highly technical questions: It is quite evident that cracking an Apple interview can be quite tough as you have to answer some highly technical questions. Here are some questions which you might expect at an Apple interview:

a) What do you know about NSDictionary? State the process of implementing it.
b) Tell us something about dynamic binding
c) NS Coding protocol- say something about this.
d) Can you tell us anything about object send method?
e) How can a buffer flow be diagonized?

Expect Strange Questions:Yes, if you are willing to make it big among the biggies, you can’t really depend solely on your technological knowhow. Pack the right punch of wit, merit and attitude to leave a mark at the interview, because in all likelihood you are going to meet people with great sense of humor and technological background. Don’t be caught off guard by the volley of weird questions thrown at you. Here are some of them:

a) Suppose there are about 400 washers that are discarded by the test lab, how do you plan to find out the root cause behind each refusal?
b) How do you plan to calculate the supply of apples (fruits) from China?
c) In a linked list how will you find the middle node?

Expect a lot of scenario type questions if you are interviewing for the customer service position.

Be prepared to appear for at least three to four stages of interviews, as Apple takes time to before zeroing on employees.

Stay up to date: Apple is not really looking for candidates who are not up to date with the latest in the tech world around. It is advisable to enroll for the developer’s program by Apple, even if you are not interviewing for the post of a developer.

Try to do an extensive research on an employee/candidate’s experience at an interview at Apple. Make this a part of your preparations for the interview. This will help you break the stereotypes because you are sure to come across some really weird questions/incidents which otherwise cannot be associated with an usual interview—and as mentioned earlier hirers in Apple don’t really endorse a stereotypical outlook!

Remember, even a chance at an Apple interview is going to be a lifetime experience. So just try to be armed with best possible preparations to leave an impression on the famous engineers and designers out there.

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