How to prepare for an interview at Mcdonalds?

Looking ahead for an interview at the Macdonalds? If yes then you surely wouldn’t want to miss out on the tips to avail before landing up for the same. Here is how you can prepare yourself for a Macdonalds interview:

a) Express an overall willingness to join and excel at Macdonalds: Yes whether you are interviewing for a cook’s post or for the management post there should be willingness from your part to know more about the organization and inquire about things like employee evaluation, work culture etc. Hirers at Macdonald’s love it when you express a desire to go higher up in your field.

b) Plan: Make sure that you are not too overwhelmed at the prospect of interviewing at Macdonalds--- so much so that you spoil your big day by the lack of planning. Just before a day try to do some research about the company, have a look at what kind of questions they may ask, what are they particularly looking for in a candidate etc. Additionally make sure that you have the proper knowledge of what they don’t like. Try to plan your schedule for the next day so that you are right there on time or preferably 10 -15 minutes early.

Some of the probable questions at Macdonald’s are: Do you know how to cook? Does your family need financial support? etc.

c) Stress on your Communication Skills: Half the battle is won if you have great communication skills because at Macdonalds you need to work with customers. Don’t forget to hone the same if you feel a bit low on confidence before the interview.

d) Walk on your stance a bit: During an interview you need to sit straight up and look straight into the eyes of the interviewer. Macdonalds pays special attention to these things. Your poise can well prove to be the key to success.

e) Try to back up your credentials with proper highlights of your skills and instances of success. Thus try and think about the successful moments at your previous jobs and note them down.

f) Be prepared to make the interview a two way process. Sitting quietly at a Macdonalds interview will hardly help. Hirers will amply appreciate if you ask them questions and clear your queries and doubts about the company.

g) Macdonalds is usually on the lookout for candidates with great leadership skills no matter in whatever position they are interviewing for. For example if you are not interviewing for a managerial position you might ask them something about a store manager’s position. This will prove that you are willing to excel and test your leadership skills.


As you can gauge from the points mentioned above a Macdonalds interview is not an overwhelming process. It is just like any other interview with just a few exceptions here and there. Try to strike a balance between a businesslike and a casual outlook and see how far you go!

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