Top 10 Problems Faced During Interview

Facing an interview nowadays can be quite challenging even for hardcore professionals who’ve amassed many years of working experience and have attended umpteen interview sessions. Irrespective of the level of your preparedness, there’s always a degree of unpredictability associated with an interview that can make you feel nervous. Being extremely edgy or jittery before or during the interview session can adversely impact on your performance. This is a common problem faced by a majority of job seekers. There are many other challenges or problems that job applicants have to encounter while they get ready to face the interview board.

1.Facing an interview panel instead of a single interviewer

Many job applicants attend an interview with the expectation or impression that they’ll be face to face with a single interviewer.  So, they’re quite intimidated when they find themselves facing an interview panel. Even the most strong-willed of interviewees can become puzzled if they have a face a barrage of questions in quick succession without getting sufficient time and scope to reflect on them.

2.Inconvenient Location

These days there is an increasing tendency on the part of the employers or interviewers to schedule interview sessions out of the office premises. Interviewers strongly feel that they’ll be able to assess a job applicant in a better manner if they make observations (about the candidate) in an informal setting. However, holding interviews in a restaurant (in contrast to conference interviews) can sometimes affect an interviewee’s performance and may not be the right way to evaluate him.

3.Making an assessment of what might be asked

Many candidates make the mistake of making a pre-assessment of what might be asked during the interview based on their past experience. So, they’re in a spot when they find themselves fielding questions for which they were not prepared. The best defence for this problem is to keep a flexible approach.

4.Questions might completely vary from candidate to candidate

Many job applicants wait for their turn with the expectation that there is a questionnaire script prepared in advance. They feel relieved when they come to know the questions from candidates emerging out of the conference room. So, they’re in a fix when they see themselves facing unfamiliar questions.

5.Questions may not be consistent with the required skills

More often than not, some questions asked by the interviewer may not be in consonance with the skills required for the job position. Interviewers do not prepare a script in advance containing relevant questions.

6.Not prepared to face situational questions

Nowadays, situational or behavioural questions are a standard feature of an interview process for which a majority of the job applicants are not prepared. Long gone are the days when one had to answer simple and candid questions like ‘Tell me something about yourself’ and ‘what are your strengths and weaknesses?’

7.Answering questions to satisfy the interviewer

Many job seekers answer questions with the intention of satisfying the interviewer. This results in their giving false facts or fibbing to frame sugar-coated replies.

8.Subjective factors matters a lot

Factors such as dress, body language, tonal accent, and how one greets an interviewer are also taken into account when evaluating an applicant. So, if a candidate is not appropriately dressed or turns up late for the interview can create problems and jeopardize his chances of landing the job.

9.The duration of the interview

An interview that lasts for a very short time may be insufficient to make a thorough assessment of a candidate. On the other hand an interview that drags on for an extended period can tire out both the interviewer and interviewee making realistic appraisal difficult.

10.Interview order

This is a problem which is beyond the control of the candidate. Surveys about interviews have clearly brought to light one interesting trend and that is the candidate being interviewed first often does not end up getting the job.

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