Top Behavioural Questions and How to Answer Them?

Q1. Can you describe a situation from your past when you had to perform in a pressure cooker situation?
If one has been in the industry or profession for quite a long time, then one often confronts a high pressure situation where there is a requirement to arrive at decisions quickly. You can describe one or two such occasions.†

Q2. What was it that you liked best about your last job?
It could be from as simple as the colleagues around you to the HR policies of the company. Do not hesitate in highlighting the aspects or features you preferred in your last portfolio which brought out the best in you. Explain it briefly.

Q3. What did you hate the most about the last position that you held?
At the other end of the spectrum, there might have some responsibilities that you disliked handling. State it briefly, explaining the cause of detestation.

Q4. Till date, what was the single biggest mistake you made in your career?
You donít gain work experience if you donít make mistakes. So don't feel uncomfortable disclosing them. It might be difficult on your part to pinpoint the single biggest mistake youíve made so far. However, use your intelligence to point out a grave mistake youíve committed in your career so far.

Q5. What have you learnt from that mistake?
Speak about how your mistake(s) have made you more wise and experienced.

Q6. There must have been instances when you had to work with or alongside someone who was not to your liking. How did you cope with such situations?
This would be a tricky question to answer. Always state that you tried your level best to co-operate and did not let the differences (with your superior or co-workers) to get the better of you. The sole motive was to meet KRAís and goals set by company, so you ensured that inter personal relationships never affected the larger picture adversely.

Q7. What is it that you find most difficult to decide?
There canít be any perfect answer to this question as your reply would invariably depend upon your past actions and deeds. Youíd just need to explain clearly the aspects that put you in a fix when it comes to taking a decision.

Q8. Would you relocate if required?
Flexibility is what all employers seek from their potential recruits. But make sure you actually are open to relocation; donít just answer to satisfy the interviewer or employer.

If you are not open to moving your base from one city to another Ė explain as to which personal responsibilities are holding you back. Also state that you believe it is important to maintain a personal-work life, family is as vital as the career growth and you do not wish to advance, by curbing their convenience.

Q9. How often have your suggestions been accepted?
If youíve been involved in your area of specialization for a long time, then surely there must have been various occasions when your valuable inputs or suggestions may have been accepted. Speak about two or three such occasions.

Q10. Were they (the suggestions) implemented successfully?
Relate about how some of your suggestions went from the conceptualization stage to the implementation stage.

Q11. How do you wish to contribute to our organization?
Talk about how the enriched work experience of yours and the professional competence youíve acquired will contribute towards organizational growth and development.

Q12. What do you think are your strengths and limitations?
Stress more on your strengths and speak about the endeavours you make to take your weaknesses in your stride.

Q13. Howíd you define professional success?
There of course canít be a standard answer as your perspective of professional success will depend on the calling or specialization youíre in. However, you can always say that professional success would mean reaching the zenith in your segment.

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