Tsing Hua University - Taiwan (China)

While the United States and Europe have been major favorites among students from across the globe, today a lot of educational institutions in Asia and Middle East draw students from across the world. One such institution is National Tsing Hua University – Taiwan in China. It is a globally recognized university that has 17 departments, 7 colleges and 22 independent graduate institutes. Now, grabbing an opportunity for an interview in this university is a matter of immense pride and you should take care that you are preparing yourself duly for the same. A few valuable tips on interview preparation might help you duly in your journey..

Stay Calm: The initial excitement of getting a chance to interview at your favorite university would always be there. But make sure that you are not swayed. Stay calm and duly confident. Please remember that your preparations would lay the foundation for your success in the interview. Avoid getting too stressed or too relaxed during this period. Make sure that you are absolutely focusing on your preparations. Thinking too much of your chances at the interview and getting hyper about the same will not really help you rather than act as an unwelcome distraction.

Start Preparing Early: Make sure that you are not sitting with your resources a day prior to the interview. The moment you have decided that you would be applying at the National Tsing Hua University – Taiwan, make sure that you are chalking out your preparation plan from that precise moment. Go through the list of general interview questions that are asked at college/university interviews, the questions that are particularly focused on your subject etc. Prepare answers and conduct mock interviews in front of the mirror. This remains a crucial part of your preparations for interviews. Only preparing answers thoroughly works well for written examinations but not necessarily for face to face or personal interviews. The way you deliver your answers, the confidence with which you face your interviewer or panelists go a long way in determining your chances at the interview. Therefore, “hearing” yourself out while speaking, eliminating possible flaws in pronunciation, throw, tone etc is advisable. Another advantage of conducting mock interviews is that it allows you to identify the weaknesses and strengths of your body language as well. For instance, while a frown is considered to be a serious drawback, throwing a pleasant smile is a definite plus. So try to make sure that you are trying to ride more on your strengths and eliminate weaknesses duly.

Other Basic Tips to be followed

There are some basic interview dos and don’ts that a candidate should absolutely be aware of in a bid to be at least considered for a place at an organization. Given below are a few:

  • Be punctual
  • Keep your documents (like previous mark sheets, test results etc) ready
  • Choose your interview dress a day prior to the interview
  • Learn about the address of the venue clearly so that you don’t have to waste time in finding out about the same on the day of the interview

  • Go unprepared
  • Arrive late
  • Dress up in an eccentric manner
  • Wear loud make-up

Possible Interview Questions that you might face at the institution are listed below

Q1.Why are you pursuing a PhD degree?
Q2.What would be your reaction if your application is accepted?
Q3.What do you know about us?
Q4.Why do you want to join us?
Q5.Tell us about your weaknesses.

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