Tufts University

The Tufts University is a private research university situated in Medford/Somerville near Boston in Massachusetts, United States of America. The Tufts University School of Medicine is one of the eight schools of the university. TUSM or the Tufts University School of Medicine was founded in the year 1893 and its faculty is divided into 18 clinical sciences and 7 basic science departments.

It offers several combined degree programs like MD/PhD, MD/MPH, MD/MALD with the Fletcher School of Law and Diplomacy, MD/MBA in Health Management in collaboration with Brandeis University and Northeastern University etc. The degree of doctor of medicine is, of course, the main degree offered by the university.

Interview Preparation

An interview in one of the leading medical schools of your country might give the nerves initially. The key to battle stress here would be to think about the things going for you. What really got you this chance at an interview in the university? Of course, your test scores. You had prepared hard for earning the scores that you have earned in your MCAT and you’re going to do this once again in your personal interview. However, a one-on-one rendezvous with your potential faculty members is a different ballgame (than that of a written test). But due preparation can help you ace it.

Be confident: Please steer clear of clichés like “boardroom interviews are intimidating”, “the interviewer turns to every trick in the book to make sure that the person sitting on the other side of the table is not successful at whatever he/she is there for” etc. Most the well known academic institutions conduct personal interviews so that potential students get to familiarize with the university ambience, to open up and indulge in relevant discussions with the faculty and be rest assured that his/her decision to apply for the university has been worth it. Prepare yourself well to perform well rather than be overwhelmed with fear. There is simply no need for that.

Please make it a point to learn about the university- its background, its present exploits, the values and ideals it tries to inculcate in its students, its milestones in detail- both for knowing it better and also for providing answers to relevant questions, if any.

Make sure that you are resorting to the old school method of preparing answers- jotting down questions from the internet and preparing answers, rehearsing them in front of the mirror etc.

Possible Interview Questions

  1. Why do you want to join here?
  2. What makes you follow a rigorous discipline like medicine?
  3. What kind of reading do you do, besides your studies?
  4. What have you learnt about us?
  5. Do you have any question for us?

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