UC Berkley

UC Berkeley alternately known as the University of California Berkeley or Berkeley California or else Cal is a public research university, situated in Berkeley, California, United States of America. It was established in the year 1868 and offers a range of graduate and undergraduate programs. The undergraduate programs include Bechelor’s degrees in a number of science disciplines across College of Environmental Design, College of Chemistry , College of Letters and Science ,College of Engineering and College of Natural Resources.

Interview Preparation

Now, as per available information, the university does not really conduct personal interviews on a mandatory basis, for their application evaluation process. However, if you are particularly interested in taking an interview you might as well request for an information interview with an alumni. This interview does not impact your chances of selection, in a major fashion.

It is always advisable that you appear for an interview- be it for an academic or a vocational course. It gives you an opportunity to know the university better (besides, of course, your own research), to interact with individuals representing the institution that you see yourself as a part of. So make the most of it. Do not be intimidated. Treat it as an opportunity to convey a sense of your passion and interest to pursue the technical course that you’re applying for.

Prepare your questions well. Jot down the technical and the general questions asked at interviews. Be prepared to relate past incidents in a bid to highlight your power of reasoning, analysis, problem solving skills, communication, besides other soft skills.

Please take the trouble to learn about the university properly. Make sure you’re not ending up with half-baked answers to questions like “Do you know which are the other technical courses, offered by us, besides the one you have applied by you?” If you  fumble during these times, then there are chances that the interviewer would immediately shoot back saying something like “So you’ve decided to go ahead and apply at a college about which you do not even know properly..”. Make sure that you aren’t required to face such situations. So prepare yourself accordingly. Dedicate due time for doing your research on the institution itself.

Make sure you’re dressing up properly for the day. Most of the universities, today, do not require you to sport strictly formal dresses. However, make sure you’re at least sticking to semi-formals and not turning up in a party or gym clothes. Make sure that whatever you’re choosing to sport is appropriate for the occasion.

Interview Questions

  1. Why are you interested to join UC Berkeley?
  2. Why are you willing to pursue a strictly technical course and not something like pure Arts?
  3. What kind of fun activities do you generally indulge in?
  4. Tell us about your technical skills a bit.
  5. How do you really see your goals being tied to this institution?
  6. Why should we select you?
  7. Please tell us about the most memorable experiences in high school.
  8. What do you know about us?

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