University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center at Dallas

The UT Southwestern Medical School is a part of the four medical universities in the University of Texas System. It is one of the leading medical universities of the world and enrolls for about more than 200 students each yea. The admission process remains duly competitive. It occupies an area of 387 acres.

The Interview Process

A personal interview is an important part of the selection process and the university generally conducts a two day interview program. Applicants are generally notified at least three weeks prior to the interview and some of the key aspects that the Admissions Committee would be reviewing before calling candidates for the interview are:

  • Academic performance in college based on the grade-point average
  • Socioeconomic background
  • MCAT Scores
  • Race/Ethnicity
  • The candidate’s urge to build a career in medicine
  • Personal integrity and compassion for others

Interview Preparation

Appearing for an interview for a place in a medical university presents a daunting proposition. But make sure that whatever time you have in your hand is utilized properly. Don’t let your initial nervousness assume a monstrous shape so as to jeopardize your preparations. Here are some tips that might as well help you.

Prepare yourself in such a manner that you are not only answering questions well but putting meaningful questions forward as well. Be thorough with your subject. Identify what your weaknesses and strengths are and work on them accordingly. Besides, answering your question, try to discuss various relevant issues with your interviewer.

Your interpersonal skills would be keenly scrutinized besides your knowledge. So groom yourself accordingly.

It is also important to get a hang of the medical interview processes in general. There is a common perception among students that all the interviewers are interested in doing is to intimidate the person sitting on the other side of the table. But in most cases, its not actually so! All the interviewers want from the candidate is to shun his fears and come up with his true potential. So do not be consumed by baseless fears.

Take help of some online videos for perfecting your body language during an interview. Here are certain tips:

Sit up straight

Offer a firm handshake to your interviewer before and after the interview

Keep a smile on your face

Do not frown

Do not look here and there while answering- look straight in to the interviewer’s eyes and put your answers forward

Possible Interview Questions

  • Why do you want to join the University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center at Dallas?
  • Where do you see yourself three years from now?
  • What do you know about us?
  • Why do you want to pursue medicine?
  • Why should we select you?

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