University of Amsterdam

The University of Amsterdam, alternately known as the UvA is a public university situated in Amsterdam. This university along with VU University Amsterdam is the only publicly funded research university in Amsterdam. Medicine is one of the key disciplines in which the university trains its students. This department has two academic institutes namely Medical Informatics and Medicine. There is a research institute that concentrates on seven crucial areas that include Stomach illness, cardiovascular diseases, Epidemiology and Public Health, Oncology, Infectious diseases and immunology, Liver and intestine diseases.

Interview Preparation: Interviewing for admission in a medical college or university requires you to be thoroughly prepared for the same. Medical schools might often conduct MMIs or “multiple mini interviews” where students need to work around a particular area with varied scoring stations whereby they would be asked to solve various problems of individuals. It works as a practical assessment test whereby applicants are strongly judged on their judgment and problem solving skills. You would also be judged on how efficiently you can communicate with the people. This often makes interviews difficult for students. It becomes difficult to prepare yourself for these questions as there is no conventional “study material” available. So its important to take important notes during any kind of work experience you have gained earlier. It would help you to come up with examples when you’re answering questions. Try to get a feel of what MMIs are like from online resources. Please remember, there are often situations where there is no perfect answer for MMIs- go with your gut feeling in these cases and don’t try to manipulate your answers too much as there will not be much time for it.

Rehearse your answers in advance. But please make sure that you are listening to your interviewer carefully before answering. Students commit the common mistake of over-rehearsing and not listening to the interviewer. You might as well need to manipulate the technical answers that you have prepared in accordance with the questions posed by the interviewer. For that you have to listen to the questions properly before rushing..

The questions that are generally asked at all kinds of professional interviews should be prepared thoroughly as well. Dedicate due time in brushing up whatever you had learnt for your written medical examinations. Do make sure that you are keeping yourself updated with the recent revelations and innovations in the medical field.

Possible Interview Questions that You Can Face

Q1.Why do you want to join us?
Q2.What do you know about us?
Q3.What makes you choose such rigorous discipline- medicine?
Q4.Why should we select you?
Q5.How did you come to know about us?

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