University of British Columbia Greater Vancouver (Canada)

Preparing for an admission in a college or a university interview, not only makes it easy for you to ace that particular interview but also gives you an idea of how professional interviews generally are. One of the first emotions that you might encounter after you have received an interview call is fear. But the key here would be to stay calm. College or university interviews are conducted as the faculty members want you to open up more in front of them. They really do not have any intention of intimidating you. Though most of the universities follow a more or less general pattern of interviewing students there might as well be one or two rounds followed solely by the particular university you are interviewing for. Here are ways in which you should prepare yourself for the rendezvous if you are appearing for an interview at University of British Columbia Greater Vancouver:

Start Early: Some of the prominent courses pr programs offered by the institution are:

  • Graduate Programs (Masters, Doctoral/PhD)
  • Distance Education
  • English Language
  • Distance Learning
  • Executive Education
  • Master of Rehabilitation Science
  • Interdisciplinary Studies Graduate Program

No matter, whichever course you have applied for, make sure that you do your homework properly. Your homework should include preparing the interview questions properly. Take aid of the online resources to prepare a list of the questions asked generally at college or university interviews and also a separate list of what University of British Columbia asks. Practice answering these questions in front of the mirror in order to make sure that you are absolutely ok with your pronunciations, body language and facial expressions.

If you are particularly interviewing for an Undergraduate program on Medicine then be prepared to face several rounds:

  • The first round would be about the registration that closes 30 minutes prior to the interview
  • The interview might be conducted in separate cycles on separate days or on a single day as well
  • The Multiple Mini Interview (MMI) format would require you to read a question or scenario and prepare themselves to face pertinent questions you might be asked to comment on particular scenarios and to respond to videos or signals. Here no specific knowledge about healthcare or medicine is required but you would be tested strongly on your critical thinking and communication skills- The writing session should also be approached in an essay type manner. Here also no specific knowledge would be required- you will not be allowed to take personal materials or belongings like cell phone, pen etc during MMI
  • Make sure you are checking out their online interview schedules as well

Some General Interview Questions that You Might Face

1. Why do you want to join here?
2. Why should we select you?
3. Why are you interested in pursuing this course
4. Please tell us about your strengths.
5. Do you like to speak about your weaknesses?

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