University of California - Santa Barbara (USA)

The University of California, Santa Barbara (USA) is one of the leading academic institutions of the USA, and if you have got a chance to interview as a student here, you should try and seal it with confidence. But please remember that lack of preparations can dent your confidence in a major way thereby jeopardizing your chances at the interview. Therefore, do avail a few valuable preparation tips.

Research: No matter what type of interview you are appearing for, there is no substitute to in depth preparation from your end. Be it on the background of the institution itself or else on the general interview questions asked- the more you prepare the better position are you in to ace the interview. Now, the key would be to stay calm and be systematic. The thought of interviewing with one of the most prestigious institutions in the country can give you jitters initially. But know for a fact that there are a number of ways to beat stress. Start your preparations early. Try to break down your routine. Allot separate time slots for separate parts of the interview process. You can do the same by the manner listed below:

  • A major portion of the day should be dedicated to finding out about the common interview questions including both the technical and the behavioral ones
  • Allot some time for the preparing about the history of the institution, its present training programs and courses and faculty members
  • Do not forget to stay updated about the latest news as well. If your knowledge about the institution is tested during the interview, your interviewers would surely try to find out if you are aware of the latest happenings or not. For instance, it might have just won a prestigious academic or research award or else one of its faculty members has received a noteworthy prize. If you are able to draw from these references you would definitely gain an edge since the interviewer would be aptly assured of your seriousness towards the entire affair.
  • Once the questions are prepared, dedicate at least an hour a day to conduct mock interviews in front of the mirror. Watch your body language closely. Do not fumble. Be sure of yourself.

Dress Properly: As the saga of formal interviews begins, know for a fact that the interview dress will play a major role in your preparations. Make sure that you are arranging your dress a day before the interview. Stick to formals if you are not aware of the dress code. Steer clear from wearing garish make up.

Some Possible Interview Questions

Q1.Please tell us about major strengths and weaknesses.
Q2.What do you know about our institution?
Q3.Why are you opting for this course?
Q4.What were your high school grades?
Q5.Why should we select you?

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