University of California

The University of Southern California is one of the premier private research universities of the world. Some of its leading Natural and Physical Sciences departments include:

  • Department of Chemistry
  • Department of Physics and Astronomy
  • The Department of Biological Sciences
  • The Department of Earth Sciences

Interview Process and Preparation

Those of you all whoíre willing to be a part of the Southern University of California, might as well have to appear for an interview. Now, though this interview is an optional part of the whole application process and is offered on the first come first serve basis, it is advisable that you do attend the interview before securing a place in the university, if given a chance. As you go further through the post, you would be acquainted with the reasons why you are encouraged to appear for the interview though itís not a mandatory part of the admission process. Though you might think that you might have to go through elaborate preparations in a bid to crack the interview, you might just as well give it a second thought.

How Would You Prepare for the Interview?

Your first responsibility would be to be thoroughly informed about the entire interview process here. There are not many universities that provide you with actual insights in to what happens at the interview. The Southern University of California gives you an opportunity to do the same. So make the most of it. Youíre informed about every little detail- starting from who takes your interview to the length of each interview. Here are some details.

The interview would last for around 25 minutes and it only entails a one-on-one session with either the university alumni or the admission officers. Their main area of interest, while interviewing you would be:

You yourself

Your academic interests

Your activities

Therefore, it would be advisable that you are preparing yourself based on these three areas. A useful tip would be to highlight your interest for the course of study that youíve chosen (i.e. any of the Natural or Physical Sciences, in this case) even when youíre introducing yourself. Do not go about elaborating on your childhood hobbies, your favorite books and movies etc. Instead, go straight to your academic interests, any relevant contribution to the society etc after introducing yourself formally. Try and make sure that youíre demonstrating your urge to learn more about the university and your efforts of drawing compliance between your ambitions and the values endorsed by the university.

Whatever you do, make sure that youíre doing most of the speaking there.

The reason why youíre encouraged to appear for this interview is because you get an opportunity to know more about the university and determine whether at all your decision to join here had been correct or not. Itís especially true if youíre securing a chance to appear for a one-on-one conversation with the university alumni.

You can appear both for on-campus and off-campus interviews. The off-campus interviews are conducted across Chicago, Dallas, Washington DC, Seattle, Honululu along with a number of other places. The interviews are generally made available for only around 20 percent of the applicant pool owing to the limited availability of resources.

Possible Interview Questions

  1. Please tell us about your academic interests a bit
  2. What would you like to tell us about yourself?
  3. What exactly are your views on the field of study that you’ve chosen for yourself?
  4. Tell us about your extracurricular activities?
  5. Why do you want to join here.

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