University of Cambridge (UK)

The very famous university of Cambridge needs little introduction. It is a premier public research university located in Cambridge, England. Its illustrious history has drawn students from across the entire world. Interviews are integral to the selection process in the university. Only candidates with strong academic background are reviewed. Those who have very strong chances of getting selected are considered for one on one interviews. Listed below are ways of preparing for student interviews at University of Cambridge.

Basic Preparation: The students should start early with the preparations by sitting down with general interview questions. Here an interview is considered more of an “academic conversation” with the interviewers- including both general as well as course specific interview questions. Students are not really expected to answer tricky questions. They will be tested more on their knowledge of their subjects covered in their general course till now. Logical analysis or reasoned argument is a skill that should be duly honed.

Practice After Preparing the Answer: Practicing mock interviews can help you significantly. Talk about your major projects till date. Ask your friend or an elder to chip in and then you can discuss those projects with him. Ask for their opinion about the topic of discussion. There is the booklet on Cambridge Interview that is available online in all probability. If you can find it then please go through it again and again.

Read your personal statement repeatedly.

Dress: You do not really have to be stressed out about your dress. You are not judged on your appearance. So you necessarily will not be required to sport a suit. However, please refrain from wearing clothes that are too casual so that it looks like you are heading for a club. Wear something that you feel comfortable in but look presentable for the occasion as well.

Know about the Past and Present of the University: Please remember that besides the general interview questions and those related to your subject and the submitted essay, learning about the past and the present exploits of the university remains an integral part of your preparations.

Getting rid of myths is also an important aspect of your interview preparation for the University of Cambridge. You might come across a number of coaching centers claiming that can train you for the interview at the university. However, it is opined that there is hardly any such center that has access to the internal selection process (interview) at the university.

Some Possible Interview Questions

Q1.You are on an aero plane on a completely clear day. You are at a height of 38,000 ft above the middle of the Pacific ocean. If the radius of the earth is 6,400 km estimate the rough distance between the horizon of the earth and you (1ft = .3048m)

  • a) 1,300 km
  • b) 390 km
  • c) 130 km
  • d) 700 km

Q2.Please tell us in detail about your favorite subject
Q3.Why have you chosen this particular course?
Q4.What do you know about us?
Q5.There are four individuals namely P, Q, R, and S. Among them, one person always lies while the other three always say the truth:

  • a) Person P says that person S is telling the truth
  • b) Person Q says that person R is lying
  • c) Person R says that he (R himself) is telling the truth
  • d) Person S says that person Q is lying

Q6.Who is the liar among them- P, Q, R, S or none of them?

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