University of Milan

The University of Milan is one of the largest universities in entire Europe with about 65,000 students. Itís a higher education institution in Milan, Italy.

If you have secured a chance to interview for a place at the International Medical School (University of Milan), then it would be better if you go through the following tips in a bid to succeed at the interview.

Preparing for a medical school is no mean task. You have to ensure that you are leaving no stone unturned in a bid to groom yourself properly. Start your preparations early. Please remember that youíve a lot to do and there is no room for complacency here. A personal interview can turn out to be a nerve racking experience if you are not prepared properly for the same. So, thereís no point in sitting down with your questions and answers a day or two prior to the interview, as that would leave you half-prepared and diffident. Give yourself time to sit down with all types of questions (viz, the general interview questions, the questions primarily focused on medicine, the behavioral interview questions etc). Find out how medical students prepare themselves for interviews. Ask seniors. Avail online help and jot down all the questions and prepare answers. Make sure that you are rehearsing answering them in front of the mirror.

You might as well come across websites that actually give you insights about the experiences shared by candidates who had appeared for interviews at the university earlier. Go through these websites in a bid to find out how applicants had handled surprises from interviewers and how they have approached different questions. There is no assurance as to whether you would be able to get such details or not. However, if you do get these details then please take the trouble of going through them.

Please do not forget to avail a few body language tips. Good online videos can aid you duly in this regard.

Possible Questions you can Expect

  1. Why are you willing to pursue medicine?
  2. What are your views about the present medical scenario in our country?
  3. How would you convince me that you are going to be a good doctor?
  4. Why are you interested to join us?
  5. Why should we select you?

The oral interview at International Medical School (University of Milan) might also require you to focus on the history of Medicine (Internal medicine, pedagogy, environmental medicine etc).

Other Tips

  • Besides the ones mentioned above, please ensure that you are duly availing the tips given below as well
  • Dress appropriately for the occasion
  • Be punctual
  • Do not adopt a disagreeable body language
  • Do not appear for the interview with half baked preparations
  • It would be better if you take the trouble of securing a clear sense of direction (that of the venue where the interview would be held) so that it becomes easier for you to reach there on time

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