University of Nottingham

The Duke University is one of the leading academic institutions in North Carolina, United States. It has about 13,000 undergraduate and graduate students who are trained by a world class faculty. The Duke University School of Medicine is the medical school of the Duke University and functions under Duke University Medical Center.

The University of Nottingham is a public research university, founded in the year 1881. Located in Nottingham, England, United Kingdom this university was granted a Royal Charter in the year 1948. The Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences consists of four schools and carries out research on a wide array of basic and health sciences. It offers education to around 900 postgraduate taught students and 6,000 undergraduate taught students.

The four schools about which is already mentioned above, are

School of Sciences
School of Medicine
School of Health Sciences
School of Veterinary Sciences
Interview Preparation

If you are required to appear for an interview in order to be selected here, then please make sure that you’re preparing yourself well. There are a number of areas that you should take care of. Please ensure that you are starting way before you are actually appearing for the interview so that you have enough time in hand as not to miss out on taking care of any of the crucial aspects here.

Which Areas should you Focus On?

There are these general interview questions that seem very easy to answer. But they can be tricky. For instance, while coming across a question like “Introduce yourself” you might end up thinking that you do not need to “prepare” yourself to answer this. You are partially right. You will not be required to frame an elaborate answer for this but you should be tactful enough to know what the interviewer actually wants to know about you. You might be tempted to discuss your personal likes, dislikes and experiences elaborately. But you cannot really afford to do that in two minutes and neither would your answer be effective in that case. The best thing to do here would be to straight away discuss your goals, ambitions, interests, and knowhow in relation to medicine, after introducing yourself formally. Some examples of the general interview questions are provided below:

Why do you want to join here?
Why should we select you?
Why do you want to become a medical practitioner?
What are the qualities that a doctor should have?
Learn about the university well. It is important because it aids you in determining whether at all the ideal followed by the university and the courses offered by it are compliant with your career goals or not. Plus, it helps you to answer interview questions based on your knowhow about this university.

Make sure that you are arranging your interview dress a few days prior to the interview. Dress appropriately- not in strictly formal clothes but not in out-an-out casuals as well. Stick to semi-formals. However, if the university has a dress code, make sure that you are following it.

Other Tips

  • Be on time
  • Keep a smile on your face
  • Maintain an eye-contact with the interviewer when you’re conversing
  • Do be prepared to ask relevant questions, if you’re provided with a chance to do so
  • Do not frown

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