University of Rochester

The University of Rochester is one of the leading private nonsectarian research universities of the world in Rochester, New York, the United States of America. It trains its students for graduate, undergraduate degrees that include professional and doctoral degrees.

The University of Rochester School of Medicine and Dentistry has an illustrious history whereby some of its founding members had changed the way medical education was imparted. The School of Medicine and Dentistry offers:

  • Medical Education
  • Postdoctoral Programs
  • Graduate Education
  • Residency and Fellowship

As an aspirant seeking an admission in this university you should be able to prove your credentials by means of excellent MCAT scores. But please remember these scores would not be the only criteria judging your credentials. The Admissions Committee would also look for service to community, interpersonal skills, evidence of scholarship, leadership skills etc.

Interview : Make sure that you’re dedicating due time in preparing the same. The nervousness of facing an interviewer (perhaps for the first time in your life) can take a toll on your preparations. One of the effective ways to deal with it would be to practice answering these questions in front of the mirror or in front of a friend. Since you’re looking at yourself in the mirror, it would be easier for you to identify possible flaws here. Your facial expressions and overall body language would be closely scrutinized. So make sure that you’re rectifying any flaw hereby. If you’re practicing like this on a regular basis before your interview you would also be able to treat speech problems (like stammering) to a great extent.

Start Early: Medicine is a rigorous discipline and there’s no way you can act complacent. On top of that the university in its website has clearly mentioned that it would be looking at more than just your scores to determine your chances at the university. Your first responsibility in this regard would be to sit down with the questions that are generally asked in interviews and prepare them accordingly. But please remember that a lot of focus would be on your inter-personal, leadership skills etc. So pay equal attention to honing them as well.

Know About the University: Appearing for a personal interview is a daunting prospect. This is exactly the reason why some of the leading universities of the world prefer conducting interviews with potential students. It gives both parties a chance to open up in front of each other. They get to know each other well. Do take the trouble of learning about the university in detail. See which courses in medicine they are offering and prepare questions on each of them. It is very important to ask relevant questions to the interviewer as well. It helps you to be better assured about your decision to join the university. Its obvious that you would be discussing a lot of aspects about the institution with your interviewer. So try and bring up relevant aspects that the interviewer has not touched upon during the interview. Prepare a list of questions that can be posed.

Decide on your interview dress a few days in advance. Dress to impress but do not wear a suit. The University of Rochester, the Admissions and Financial Aid Offices has a very relaxed dress code for its employee interviewees. They can dress up business casual in the summer months. Find out if they have similar dress code for student interviewees as well. But whatever the code is its better not to sport an out-an-out casual attire.

Possible Interview Questions that You Can Face

Q1.Why do you want to join this university?
Q2.What do you know about us?
Q3.Tell us about your career goals.
Q4.Which academic accomplishment are you most proud of?
Q5. How would your peer or teachers describe you?
Q6.What kind of a college student do you see yourself as?

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