University of Southern California (USA)

The University of Southern California, alternately known as the USC is a not for profit private research university established way back in the year 1880. Its main campus is in Los Angeles and today it is regarded as one of the premier academic institutions in the country. As per available information, an interview is an optional part in the undergraduate application process. Listed below are some ways in which you should prepare yourself for the interview at the institution. Go through them and be duly prepared to ace the rendezvous.

Make sure that you are starting early with your basic preparations. As the D-day approaches you might have to deal with a number of issues like the pre-interview jitters, the anxiety of facing your competitors on the spot etc. The more time you devote for your preparations, the more confident you would be in at least presenting your answers properly. The basic preparations would include sitting down with the general interview questions- both the technical and the behavioral ones. Then conduct mock interviews in front of the mirror so as to identify possible flaws both in speech and body language. Here are some oft repeated mistakes that you should practice and get over with:

  • Fumbling
  • Frown
  • Lack of eye contact with the interviewer
  • Chewing a gum
  • Too much of hand movements
  • Lack of professional demeanor (As a student, since itís just the beginning of your long tryst with interviews, you might falter in this respect. But due practice would aid you in overcoming this)

Besides the general interview questions, take due time out to learn specifically about the university. Learn about its past, the most potent reason why it is known across the world, its present faculty members etc. In case you are asked questions like "Why do you want to join our university?" you cannot really satisfy your interviewer with answers like "As it is the one of the most renowned universities in the world" or else "I have heard a lot of great things about its faculty". Say why you want to join the institution- how much your research has convinced you that it would be the perfect platform to shape your career and for that you actually have to conduct due research. Then prepare answers accordingly.

Other Useful Tips

In order to maintain punctuality, make sure that you are making a trial run of the place that you are going to visit, a day prior to the interview so that you know where and how you have to go

Do not leave your professional demeanor even if you are asked to wait for a considerable period of time

Make sure that you are displaying a winning attitude- it is your responsibility to ensure that you yourself prove that you are fit to be selected as the student- do not wait for your interviewer to say that you are the apt candidate

If you are asked to relate a negative experience, make sure that you are ending your answer on a good note

Please prepare at least four to five questions that you need your interviewer to answer- if you have a comprehensive list of pertinent questions to ask the interviewer, he would be convinced of your urge to join the university

Possible Interview Questions

Q1.Why do you want to join us?
Q2.Why should we select you?
Q3.Why are you opting for this particular course?
Q4.Can you relate to us about some of your past failures?
Q5.Please relate to us some of your past successes in academics.

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