University of Toronto (Canada)


The University of Toronto is a public research university situated in Toronto (Ontario, Canada). The institution derives its significance by virtue of being the first institution in Upper Canada with higher learning.

Interview Preparation

Landing up with an interview with the prestigious University of Toronto (Canada) is not a piece of cake. Be proud of yourself that you have been able to do that. However, please remember that the interview is a more difficult proposition. The thought of appearing for the all important interview itself might give you the initial nerves. Do not be intimated. Make sure that you are preparing yourself duly for the day so that you make the most of the chances and fare accordingly. Adopt a systematic approach as far as your preparations are concerned. Conduct research on the background of the university, prepare a routine and make sure that you are trying to stick to it. Here are tips to ace an interview with the university:

Know about the University in Detail: Yes, it is very important. Make sure that you are investing due time in learning about the university- its past, its present exploits, awards (if any), faculty, courses etc. While learning about the courses, you should focus particularly on the course you are applying for. Duly acquaint yourself with the particular advantages offered by the university as far as the chosen course is concerned. Knowing about the past of the university is important. Not only will it help you in weighing your future in the university, but your ability to answer relevant questions can actually help you. For the interviewer it would act as a window to your willingness to be a part of the illustrious legacy of the renowned university. On the other hand, your lack of knowledge about the same can actually leave the interviewer red faced.

Try to Reach Out: Yes, this is very important. A casual internet search might offer you a number of interview questions asked to students at the university. But know for a fact that a random browsing through these questions and preparing answers will not be enough. It would be good if you explore better avenues as well. Try to find out about individual candidate experiences at the interview as they give you glimpses of ways in which interviewees have conducted themselves and dealt with stress etc. If you can even remotely remember a senior who has been associated with the University of Toronto as a student, please try and connect to him in a bid to know about his experiences at the interview.

Stick to Basics:  Arrive on time. If you are not aware of the dress code then make sure that you are sticking to formal attires. If you are willing to give a presentation to prove any of your claims or points then make sure that you are carrying your own laptop and anything else that is required. Practice your presentation skills beforehand.

Possible Questions to Expect

Q1.Why have you selected this program of study?
Q2.Please tell us about your major strengths and weaknesses
Q3.Please give us one reason why you should be selected.
Q4.Did you have any problem in finding out our organization?
Q5.How good are you at meeting project deadlines?

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