University of Twente – Enschede (Netherlands)

The University of Twente situated in Enschede, Netherlands is a world renowned academic institution offering degree and research programs in engineering and social and behavioral sciences. At present there are roughly around 2,500 Master’s degree and around 5,500 Bachelor’s degree students in the university. Here is a glimpse of the student selection process at the university.

The first round of selection would be dedicated to determining your general eligibility, i.e. whether you meet the criteria or not. The fact whether you have uploaded your preliminary grade list (and diploma if applicable), your short CV, your recommendation letter (in some cases) and your motivation letter or not would play a crucial role in the determining process. The admission board determines which candidates are to be invited for the selection process. The second round is generally conducted at the university campus. For students who live too far to come and attend the interview in the campus, Skype interview is arranged with the teachers and a student of Honors Programme. In the final stage of admission the Dean either accepts or rejects applicants. All the candidates are informed of the decision. Please remember that the application in the first round is evaluated on the basis of ingenuity, determination to succeed and creativity.

Now that you are fairly acquainted with the interview process, please avail some useful tips to crack the same as well.

Start your preparations early in order to succeed. Please remember that if you’re sitting down with your resources only a day or two prior to the interview, it will not be of any help. Invest due time for preparing yourself. The general interview questions, the behavioral questions and the technical questions (meaning those which are strictly focused on your subject)- all should be duly covered. Make sure you’re also spending a considerable amount of time in practicing the answers that you have prepared, in front of the mirror. It gives you a chance to identify possible flaws in speech or body language. You might not have attended personal interviews earlier. You might not have had the chance of identifying weaknesses as a result. When you attend mock interviews in front of a mirror, it helps you rectify those flaws. It would even be better if you rope in a friend to help you in this regard.

If possible go through the experiences of candidates who had already appeared for the interview before. It helps you to at least get a faint idea of what a boardroom interview can be. In many cases, candidates provide a very detailed account of how the interviewer conducted himself- did he ask anything unexpected, was there an uncomfortable moment at the interview- if yes how did the interviewee handle it etc.

Possible Interview Questions that You Can Face

Q1.Why do you want to join us?
Q2.Why are you pursuing this subject?
Q3.What do you know about us?
Q4.Please tell us a bit about your strengths.
Q5.Why should we select you?

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