University of Washington - Seattle (USA)

University of Washington, alternately called UDub or else just Washington is a public research university situated in Washington, United States of America. If you have got a chance to interview for your admission here, you should make sure that you are preparing yourself thoroughly for the same. Go through the website of the university thoroughly in a bid to know more about their faculty, the courses offered and the present exploits. It will duly help you in answering questions related to the college itself (if at all asked). Personal interviews act as the perfect opportunity for you to not only get a hang of the ambience of your potential academic institution in the near future but would also aid you in asserting your strengths that could not be reflected by your written test scores. Here are ways to prepare yourself duly for the interview:

Get started with your Preparations Early: Please make sure that you start with your preparations way before the D-day. Sit down with the general interview questions, the subject specific questions and the behavioral questions in a bid to be duly prepared. Dedicate separate time for each of these sections. Make sure you are revising them every day till the day of your interview arrives. Please ensure that you are conducting mock interviews before the mirror as well. This will help you to overcome possible speech problems (like fumbling due to diffidence) or any other flaw in your body language as well.

Dress Properly for the Occasion

Please make sure that you are dressing up duly for the occasion. There is no hard and fast rule that you have to wear formals for the day. It would be great if you can find out about the dress code for the interview yourself. However, if you are not able to do the same- play safe and stick to at least semi-formals. Do not dress up like you are heading for a gym or a club. Refrain from either wearing too garish make-up or appearing too shabby on the day. Do not wear very strong cologne.

Special Note

University interviews are often conducted by panelists or by single interviewers in multiple rounds. Please do not be intimidated by the prospect of facing multiple interviewers at the same time. Stress can be a major factor impacting your confidence levels negatively. Learn ways of dealing with your stress. Try to beat it by completely relaxing the day before the interview. Do not try and rack your brains by learning majorly new stuff just the day before the interview. Instead brush up older preparations. Try to get your dress, documents ready on that day so that you donít run late for the interview as you get busy looking for these stuff next morning.

Possible Interview Questions

Q1.Why do you want to join us?
Q2.According to you what are the most successful attributes required for research?
Q3.Would you ever be ready to resolve conflict in classroom?
Q4.Why do you want to study with us?
Q5.What do you know about us?

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