Words not to be Used During Interview

As a potential interviewee you might have browsed through a number of resources advising you duly about ways of conducting yourself at the interview, words on your resume to put stress on, ways to study the body language of your interviewer and behave accordingly etc. But as an aspirant willing to make it big in the Corporate sector you should also be aware of the words that you should not be making use of at the rendezvous. Listed below are a few examples of the same:

Smart: Yes you are smart enough to sit in front of your interviewer and tackle his volley of questions with ease. You're smart enough to conduct yourself agreeably throughout the course of the interview. But there is certainly no need to say some something like "Iím smart" in your introductory speech. It sounds arrogant and foolish at times as well.

"Um": This shows clear lack of preparedness or else nervousness. A lot of aspirants treat this as a means of "filling up gaps" when they are at a loss a words. But the advice would be to just pause without saying anything rather than uttering an "um" in the middle of an answer. The pause or silence will help you to regroup while a series of restless "ums" will only serve to add to the confusion.

Integrity: Again, too strong a word to describe yourself. You donít really have to go out of your way to establish your qualities by actually asserting that you have integrity. The hiring manager who has called you for the interview must have gauged the same from your resume. There is simply no need to stress on it unnecessarily.

I: This word should be specifically avoided in some cases- first when you are already done self-promoting and second when your experience of a working in team is asked about. Use the word "we" instead of "I". Focus on things that the entire team used to do rather than just mentioning about your exploits there. The use of "we" will naturally reflect your ability to integrate yourself seamlessly in a team.

Trustworthy: Donít go on to say that you are trustworthy and that your employers can have faith in you when it comes to completion of crucial job responsibilities with ease. Trust is something that is built over days of association. You canít really ask for someoneís trust, you have to earn it.

Perfectionist: Candidates use it on a regular basis to describe their work style. Once you say you are a perfectionist at what you do or in your approach, you probably wonít be sketching a true review that presents an honest critique of your approach towards working. Donít let it happen. Allow room for learning. Demonstrate that urge in front of your interviewer instead of saying that you are perfect at whatever you do.


Most of the attributes mentioned above are actually sought for by interviewers in candidates. However, instead of spelling these qualities out to describe yourself demonstrate the same with actions and references to past achievements.

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