Yale University (Arts and Humanities)

Composed of the three major academic pillars- Graduate School of Arts and Sciences, Yale College (undergraduate program) and the professional schools, the Yale University gives you an opportunity to excel in key components of Arts and Humanities:

  • African American Studies
  • Art (undergraduate major)
  • Classics
  • Comparative Literature
  • Political Science


An interview is not an absolute requirement in the application process at the Yale University. However, the college encourages you to take an interview as it becomes an occasion for both the interviewer and the candidate (here, you) to know each other better. As an applicant, looking forward to know more about the college that youíve applied to, even you will agree that a personal interview with the alumni turns out to be the best opportunity to do the same.

Interview Preparation

An interview with the alumni of one of the best universities in the country should be regarded seriously. Just because itís not a mandatory requirement for your qualification, you canít afford to appear for the interview without preparing yourself properly. Given below are some tips that would aid you in the process.

Know about the Interview

Before doing anything, make sure that youíre visiting the website of the university and finding out about general interview protocols followed by them.

The Yale Alumni Schools Committee conducts the interview. But they can only be arranged where thereís a local association. You would be contacted for an interview only after you have submitted your application. In the fall, the Yale Alumni Schools Committee arranges for Single-Choice Early Action interviews prior to the Regular Decision interviews. But please remember that these interviews are conducted on a space-availability basis. They would call you for the interview if the number of candidates does not surpass the number of interviews available. The applicants canít really request for an interview.

The on-campus interviews, on the other hand, are generally conducted between June to August. The interviews for seniors are generally conducted by present Yale seniors at the admissions office.

What do the Experts have to Say?

One of the members of the interviewersí team at Yale offers a few tips that would help you to ace the interview:

Make sure that youíre preparing yourself well to talk about yourself. Though it is a common interview tip provided for college, job and vocational interviews, there are very few students who actually heed it. Interviewers at Yale are most likely to test you in accordance. Rehearse well so that you reach a point where you can remember important points and talk with a considerable flair. Stand in front of the mirror. Rehearse answering questions in front of friends.

The interviewers would be more interested in knowing the person you are rather than your academic credentials. What exactly would you be bringing on board? Are your goals and aspirations compliant with that of the universityís?

Interviewers specifically point out that they are on the studentís side. So thereís really no need to fret or to get all-anxious about the occasion. Be yourself and relax.

Possible Interview Questions
  1. Tell us about yourself.
  2. Have you ever taught at an ESL in the community?
  3. Why do you think you’re qualified to be a part of our university?
  4. Tell us about some of the accomplishments that you’re most proud of.
  5. Tell us about your weaknesses.

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