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Hailed as one of the biggest online travel companies of India, provides information on railway reservation, holiday packages, leisure traveling, and hotel bookings among other things to make one’s travel experience way easier than it would have been if he would have taken offline help to gather all this information.

The esteemed travel portal offers impressive job offers for positions in
  • Chartered Accountancy
  • Travel Sales Consultancy
  • OBT Sales
  • Quality Assurance Engineering
  • Travel Consultancy
  • Content Writer

In order to earn a position in the company you have to be very thorough with your interview preparation. A few tips on the same might aid you in understanding the entire process and take up a more systematic approach towards your preparation at

  • Start early: Yes right from the time you have decided to apply at you should start your preparations. You never know. You may just end up getting a call only a few days after sending over your CV to the company. That might leave you with very little time for your preparations. Thus start early.

  • Preparations: You should start your preparations by looking up the Internet and relevant books to find out questions specifically asked at Here you can segregate your topics on two halves--- namely “Behavioral Questions” and “Technical Questions”. Approaching the conventional methods of preparations like those mentioned above should be your way of dealing with the Technical Questions. The Behavioral Questions might turn out tricky as well. Candidates are often found being over confident about the behavioral questions part, thinking that they would be able to deal with them without any preparations. However, much to their disappointment it has often been found that though they have been able to ace the technical questions, they have faltered majorly with the situational questions mainly owing to lack of preparation. Do not let this happen to you. You do not have to spend hours in a day to prepare for these kinds of questions. Just take the trouble to jot down the usual behavioral questions asked at these kinds of interviews and dedicate an hour or so each day to frame possible answers, and to jot down past professional experiences that have helped you grow as an individual and experiences that helped you realize your own mistakes and work on them etc. Please do not forget to consult the general interview questions at similar companies as well. Don’t depend only on questions asked at Yatra only. Little variations here and there might find you in trouble.

  • Be aware: Yatra. com is one of the most availed travel portals in India. If you are interviewing for a position there it would be expected from you to know about its products and services thoroughly. Some of them have already been mentioned above briefly. Additionally always consult the newspapers and television news channels to learn about the company’s latest exploits- in terms of acquisitions, collaborations, changes in policies etc. Try to read interviews of people in key positions at the companies speaking on things that motivate them to offer tireless services to their customers, principals on which the workings of their company are based, future mergers etc. Try to throw in these references at relevant points of your interview. It will give your interviewer an idea that your preparations are backed by thorough research. Have a rough idea about the history of the company as well. Brush up your knowledge of the travel industry as a whole. You might expect related questions thrown in here and there.

  • Do not be intimidated: The thought of working with Yatra might give you the initial nerves, but it would be advisable to avoid getting overwhelmed by this thought. This can ruin your chances at the interview in a major way. Remember that you can give your best as per your preparation. If you do not know an answer, be honest enough to say that you don’t know, rather than trying to cook up answers, fumbling and wasting both your interviewer’s and your own time.

  • Don’t be influenced by opinions: You might as well go through the personal experiences of former interviewees at the company. The opinions are most likely to present a mixed bag for you. While some of them will be absolutely satisfied with the way the interviews had been conducted, some might have complaints against the same. You might as well form a faint idea of what to expect at the interview but do not form opinions solely based on these reviews. Everybody has different perspectives to see things and express them. An absolute unalterable conclusion should not be reached at, solely based on these views.

Keep Your Basics Right

Please do not forget to brush up the general interview skills before appearing for an interview at Yatra. If you think that you have a problem with your communication skills you better prepare accordingly as you will not be able to ace an interview at a place like Yatra with poor communication skills. Stand in the front of the mirror and conduct mock interviews on a daily basis.

  • Refer to several videos online showing how to maintain a perfect body language during an interview
  • Prepare your interview dress a day in advance
  • Arrange your documents properly so that you are in a position to present them as soon as they are asked for, without fumbling
  • Be punctual--- arrive at least 15 minutes prior to the interview
  • Do not wear garish make up
  • Maintain an agreeable tone throughout
  • Do not forget to shake hands before leaving no matter how your rendezvous has turned out


If you are raring to make a mark at a reputable company like the Yatra, you should avail the tips provided above to consolidate your chances at the interview.

Last Updated On: 4/16/2013

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