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Given a buoyant economic growth in the last couple of years, jobs in Qatar bring in new opportunities and promises. The leading cities like Doha, Al Rayyan, and Al Khor are the primary centers of most jobs in Qatar. The economy of Qatar is based on its oil and natural gas industry which continues to bring prosperity to the country. Given the economic development that Qatar has experienced over the years, various types of jobs are available, including teaching, nursing, hospitality, IT and management.

The non-oil sectors have been receiving investment and expenditure from the governments. As a result, in addition to locals, many expatriates are also choosing Qatar as the ideal country to find a job in. Starting from 2006, many projects which have been receiving government and private investments will resume their operations. This will increase the number as well as variety of jobs in Qatar.

Although primarily an oil, gas and minerals based economy, Qatar has been looking to diversify into other areas. The most important of them all is IT and hospitality. Given the increase of expatriates in Qatar, the hospitality industry is bound to become a major sector in terms of employment. Also, the government has been taking a lot of interest in developing the IT sector in the country and from this site one can get the material for Interviews also like Questions, Tips etc. that can help in getting a job.

The top companies to work for in Qatar are:
  1. Bin Omran Trading and Contracting WLL – The BOTC is a Grade A contracting company of Qatar specializing in the professional areas of project management, project execution and project construction. The designing and building of roads and infrastructure units in the country is also undertaken by BOTC. The company has been known to deliver good quality projects at a low cost within a short time period.

  2. Ali Bin Khalifa Al Hitmi and Company – Set up in the year 1963, this real estate giant of Qatar is the largest property developer in the country. The company develops, owns and operates various well known projects all over the country. The projects comprise commercial spaces, residential apartments, office buildings and shares in GCC public company units. The company is also involved in lease renewal, rent review and asset management. There are also hospitality, financial management and marine transportation units of this company.

  3. Qatar Petrochemical Company Limited (QAPCO) – Established in the year 1974, the QAPCO was set up as a multinational venture to make use of the associated and non associated ethane gas obtained from the production of petrol in Qatar. Today the QAPCO produces natural gas liquids, fertilizers, refined petroleum products and steel. The company is located close to the seacoast which makes the transport of raw materials to and finished goods from the company easier. QAPCO was declared an ISO 9001:2000 company in the year 2002.

  4. Qatar International School – The QIS is an English medium school known for imparting quality education to children between the ages of 3 to 18. Located in capital city Doha, the QIS follows the British National Curriculum syllabus, also known as the National Curriculum of England, generally followed in all schools across Great Britain.

  5. International Center for Sports Security (ICSC) – The ICSC was set up as a non profiting institution for providing knowledge and practice facilities to enhance sport security in the country. It is well known that Qatar is the preferred destination for hosting several sporting events following the success of the Asian Games 2006 and the Asian Cup 2011. By recruiting experts in sports security system from over the world, the institute offers training to enhance the safety and security in a sports event.

  6. Qatar Solar Technologies (QSTec) – One of the newest companies of the country, established in the year 2010, the QSTec is aiming to produce more than 4,000 metric tons polysilicon every year from its production plant at Ras Laffan Industrial City. The company was founded as a joint venture of the SolarWorld AG, the Qatar Foundation and the Qatar Development bank.

Tips to Remember while Searching a Job in Qatar 
  • Sponsorship is an important aspect of working in Qatar. Your employer is your sponsor and you cannot leave a job and apply to the next without permission from the sponsor. 
  • It is an unwritten rule in Qatar to work for one company for a minimum of two years. 
  • The cost of living is very high in Qatar, so it is important to take a job that provides accommodation allowances. 
  • If you are a woman looking for a job in Qatar, register with the Women’s section under the Labor Department of the government before searching for a job. 
  • If you are an international citizen, search for a job in Qatar from your home country. Companies in Qatar provide higher salary to non residents and also compensate the journey to and from the Qatar. 

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