HR Policies in Qatar

Qatar is now economically one of the leading countries in the gulf region. In order to maintain this level of growth and progress further, having a flexible HR policy at place is very important. Qatar also has the largest number of expatriate employees in the region. About 90% of the total labor force is made up of expatriates here. The international companies located in Qatar employ people from abroad. HR policies in Qatar are specially designed, keeping in mind this trend.

Working Conditions

Salaries paid by various companies in Qatar usually cover all expenses including, medical, home, and car allowance. The salaries being tax free is considered to be more profitable and are a major attraction particularly for foreign employees.

The working hours on a weekly basis are 40 to 48 hours per week. It usually depends on the HR policies of a particular company. Friday is the weekly off day with Thursday or Saturday making up the other for a five-day job.

Employment Contracts

The employment contract is a mutual agreement between an employer and an employee, which has to be attested by the Labor department present at the Ministry of Civil Affairs and Housing, Qatar. Contracts for expatriates have also started to become open ended. However, one has to get hold of a work permit first. A mandatory health check up is also done while issuing work permit in Qatar. A number of jobs in the service industry are reserved for Qatar nationals only. After completion of a contract, expatriates usually have to visit the Ministry of Civil Affairs and Housing to cancel the permit.

Social Security System

The social security system is run by the state with a very small portion of it in private control. Given a very high GDP rate and a comparatively smaller population, the Qatar government pays social security without obliging the employees to make extra payment. Qatar nationals are broadly covered under the scheme which includes pensions, disability benefits, medical insurances etc. Expatriates are, however, not covered by the government. There are a few corporate pension schemes under which the expatriate employee is covered.

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