IT Jobs in Qatar

Development in the IT sector is a recent phenomenon in Qatar. In order to open new avenues for economic growth, the Qatar government has decided to diversify its economy. Qatar’s economy is primarily dependent on its oil and gas industry. However, as these are non renewable sources of energy, the sustainability of this industry in the long run has become a cause of concern for the government. In order to overcome this problem, the government has decided to develop other sectors to keep the vibrant economy of Qatar running.

As, a result, the IT jobs in Qatar have also increased in number over the last couple of years. Since, the base for the growth of a new industry is pretty strong in Qatar, the performance levels are also supposed to grow in a very short period of time. Those looking for a bright career in IT can choose Qatar as the prospects are very good. The following information regarding IT jobs in Qatar will help you get a clearer perspective about the types of IT jobs available in Qatar.

Posts Offered

  • SAP MM Professionals
  • Enterprise solutions specialist
  • Servers and storage solutions specialist
  • Microsoft solutions specialist
  • Head of Networking sections
  • AIX Administrator
  • IT Manager
  • CCIE
  • Consultant

Qualifications: Bachelor’s degree in Technology or Engineering or Computer Applications is required for most of the posts. Special skills for IT risk management, AIX system administration, MM functions, CCIE certification; etc is required for respective specialized posts.

Work Experience: Work experience depends on seniority level and responsibility of the jobs. It can range from 2 to 7 years in some cases, while 6 to 11 years in other.

Working Hours: The working hours are not specified for IT jobs. On a general basis, it will be around 40 hours per week, as per international standards.

Pay Scale: The average salary for the above mentioned posts will range around QR 5000 to QR 7000 per month (approx.) and more. gives you complete information regarding various types of jobs available in Qatar.

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