Management Jobs in Qatar

Oil and Gas Industry is considered to be the backbone of the economy of Qatar. Gaining huge profits from this sector, the government of Qatar has decided to diversify its economy into other areas as well. Management as an independent sector is yet to establish itself in Qatar. However, important industries of energy, hospitality, IT (which is still at a nascent stage) require skilled management professionals for smooth functioning of the administrative body.

As a result, there has been a growth of management jobs in Qatar. Given the importance of these posts, the employers usually seek highly skilled and experienced professionals. Expatriates make the most of these jobs. Management jobs in the various industries of Qatar guarantee a lucrative career, if one is successful in getting an offer from a reputed company. Life in Qatar also offers a lot for management executives. As other sectors are in a developmental stage in Qatar, there is a good chance of building a good career in management here. There are a variety of posts available for management jobs in Qatar. The following information will elaborate the facts.

Posts offered:

  • Finance Manager
  • General Manager- Facility and general services
  • Project Manager
  • Business Analyst
  • Assistant relationship Manager
  • Financial analysis and systems Manager
  • Area Manager

Qualifications: A master’s degree in Business Management is compulsory for most senior posts, along with specializations in the related sectors. For posts equivalent to Area Manager, a Bachelor’s Degree along with valuable work experience in the field the company is working on, say for example an oil company.

Work Experience: Valuable experience of 7-8 years in the related field is required for executive posts. For junior level posts, experience can range between 4 to 5 years.

Working Hours: Not specified by the companies in general.

Pay Scale: On an average, executives will earn around QAR 137, 825 per annum (approx.) from management jobs in Qatar. For other posts, salary is negotiable.

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