Teaching Jobs in Qatar

The education system in Qatar was established in the early 20th century and was divided into elementary, preparatory, secondary and higher education. Teaching jobs in Qatar are one of the most lucrative jobs on offer in the gulf region. Teacher’s training colleges in Qatar were the first among the various colleges established. Moreover, there has been a recent demand for English teachers in Qatar.

Due to requirement of English speaking skills, the government has decided to appoint teachers from elementary level onwards. A large number of expatriates are opting for jobs in Qatar as English language instructors, given the advantage of tax free salaries on offer.

Subjects related to information technology were recently added to the curriculum. The following information will give a better understanding of the teaching jobs in Qatar.

Elementary/Preparatory Level

Qualification: A certificate in Elementary education training and a bachelor’s degree in Education are required. For foreign nationals, a TEFL certificate is required.

Work Experience: Relevant experience is not asked for. However, it is better to have a few years’ of work experience for foreign candidates. In case of locals, fresh candidates are encouraged to apply.

Working Hours: The working hours usually depend on school timings which vary between different schools.

Pay Scale: Salary, although not specified by the schools, usually is not less than QR 6,500 as per standards set by The Education Institute of Supreme Education Council of Qatar.

Secondary level

Qualification: Bachelor’s degree in Arts/ Science along with a general Diploma in Education. For Post Graduate candidates, a special Diploma in Education is required. For foreign nationals a Bachelor’s Degree along with a certificate in teacher’s training and a TEFL certificate for language teachers is required.

Work Experience: Relevant work experience in teaching in the secondary level, around 2 to 4 years is usually asked for. In case of local teachers, fresh graduates having a diploma in education are usually recruited.

Working Hours: Not specified.

Pay Scale: For candidates holding bachelor’s degree, the salary stands around QR 7,500 per month (approx.). For those holding post graduate degree, the salary is around QR 8,500 per month (approx.).

Higher Education: this includes various graduate and post graduate courses in Literature, Science, IT, Medical and Engineering etc.

Qualification: Doctorate in the field of science, arts, engineering or IT is mandatory. In most cases Qatar nationals having a PhD Degree from a western university is appointed. For foreign nationals, relevant work experience is also required. Special training is held for national candidates in the Faculty of Education, University of Qatar.

Work Experience: Relevant experience in the related field is often asked for in case of Qatar nationals. In case of foreign nationals, the required work experience is usually of about 7 to 10 years.

Working Hours: Not specified.

Pay Scale: Monthly salary for a senior professor or Head of the Department in University of Qatar can go up to QR 40,000 (salary + allowances) per month (approx.).

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