Jobs in Russia

Since the last 6-7 years, Russia has seen a positive economic growth, which has improved the employment situation in the country. The number and variety of jobs in Russia has increased within this period. Many international companies have also opened their branches in Russia, which again has favored the employment rates there. Also, many foreign expatriates have been making their way in Russia, given the new opportunities there. Jobs in Russia have also benefited a lot from the new government policies.

The employment and Labor laws and regulations have received a facelift in recent years. Also, attempts have been made to increase the quality or standard of vocational training in Russia, so that it can meet the demand for workforce in the capital market. The quality of jobs in terms of pay scale and other benefits has also improved considerably.

A number of evidences suggest the positive growth of jobs in Russia. Specialized and high level jobs are slowly gaining importance in Russia. Although, general jobs like physicians, engineers, policemen, wielding specialists, etc. have remained the highest in terms of availability. The government has been trying to increase the number of specialty or highly paid jobs. Results of these attempts have been positive, and there has been a noticeable increase in the number of such jobs. The overall economic growth since 1998 has stayed around 6.5% on an annual basis.

There are still about a million positions empty in Russia, especially in government jobs because of lack of skilled labor. In 2006, the number of unemployed persons was around 69.2 million, which is slightly less than earlier years. Although the rate is slow, the employment situation in Russia has shown positive signs of growth, and is expected to become more so in the next years.

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