Management Jobs in Russia

Given the impressive economic growth that Russia has shown since 1998, a number of sectors have flourished, widening the employment scopes in the country. Among these sectors, different types of management services have increased greatly. In every sphere, including finance, marketing, banking and forestry, the country has registered a noticeable growth in the number of management jobs in Russia.

These managerial positions are often well paid and offer promising career growth prospects. Also, the current liberal policies have paved the way for the entrance of foreign multi nationals where Russian candidates are getting lucrative offers. A lot of importance is attributed to this sector given the importance of standardized management skills required for the economy to develop. For management jobs in Russia, the following information will provide a clearer perspective.

Posts Offered
  • Marketing Manager
  • Sales and Logistics Manager
  • Territory Sales Manager
  • Regional Manager
  • Accounting & Reporting Manager
  • Finance Manager
  • Reporting Manager
  • Tax Manager
  • Finance Director
  • Finance Controller
  • Finance Planning and Budgeting Manager
  • Senior Internal Auditor

    Qualifications: Higher education or Bachelor’s degree in management with specializations in finance or marketing, Fluency in English for jobs in international firms. Management job requires excellent skills in successful execution of annual plans and projects. Good presentation skills, ability to skillfully develop a particular brand name and successfully market it both in the local and regional markets. Also, international firms seek responsible and experienced persons in higher posts.

    Work Experience: For non executive posts required work experience ranges from around 0 to 3 years. For executive jobs the experience ranges around 5 to 10 years.

    Working Hours: Not specified. Usually for a full time job the working hours in a firm in Russia ranges around 50 hours per week.

    Pay Scale:On an average salary for managerial positions in Russia starts from around $ 1000 per month for international firms and can go up to $ 48,000 per annum (approx.). Salary for national firms is not specified.

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