Placement Consultants in Russia

Getting recruited through a Placement Consultancy is a very new phenomenon in Russia. This is because the system of recruitment in Russia is markedly different from the western method. In Russia, getting a job through personal connection is a common practice. Companies also hire employees on the basis of individual recommendations. However, given the changes in economic policy that the country has witnessed in the last 8-9 years, the system of recruitment has also changed.

Hiring an employee/getting a job on the basis of social trust is now replaced by the western method of professional recruitment based on merit. The growth of Placement consultants in Russia has been due to this reason. This is more so because of the increase in the number of international firms operating in Russia. In spite of that the Russian system is still very much in vogue. However, given the number of international companies, the Placement Consultants in Russia has been gaining in popularity.

The placement consultants in Russia have introduced a new professional culture among Russians. Although many Russians still prefer the original method, many have praised and adopted this system. It is also a more easier and efficient way to get a placement. The growth in employment rates is to a large extent attributed to this factor. Following is a list of top placement consultants operational in Russia.

1) Name: The Russian Connection
Address: 5, Building
2, Potapovsky pereulok
Russia- 101000
Phone no.: +7 495 961 2726
Fax: +7 495 967 3317

2) Name: Business Connection
Address: Krasniy Prospect157/1
Office 413
Nowosibirsk 630049
Phone no.: +7 383-2 25-19-73
Fax: +7 383-2 26-73-36

3) Name: Michael Page

Address: Regus Avrora Center
Building 2
82 Sadovnicheskaya Str
Moscow 115035
Phone no.: +7 495 225 9389
Fax: +7 495 225 9300

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