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One of the best performing developed nations of the world is United States. It wouldn’t be wrong to say that US is one of the most sought after job destinations of the world. The developed economy of United States is actually defined as the largest economy of the world. The stable economy leads to numerous job opportunities in US. This country offers a diverse range of lucrative career opportunities for the prospective job seekers from all over the world. That is why United States has the highest migration rates. United States offers attractive job options in diversified field right from healthcare, sales, marketing, nursing, IT, management, retail hospitality and much more. The pay packages of all the jobs are usually very high.

Sales Jobs in US
One of the most attractive job sectors in US is sales and marketing. This diversified field offers numerous career growth prospects. US sales jobs attract a large number of employees from various regions of the world. Some of the recent US jobs openings in sales sector are as follows, just have a glance through them –

  • Appointment setters
  • Sales Associate
  • Dealer Service Representative
  • Director of Sales
  • Federal Sales and Marketing Specialist
  • Business development and Sales Manager
  • Outside Sales and Education Coordinator
  • Inside Sales and Call Center Representative
  • Multimedia Sales Executive
  • Network Sales Specialist
  • Sales Representative
  • US Sales Manager
  • Medical Billing Sales Representative
  • Resort Sales Professional
  • Executive Sales Manager

Popular Sales Companies of US
There are numerous companies and organizations in United States, which are directly associated with sales and marketing. Given below is a list that comprises the names of some of the top sales and marketing companies in United States presently offering lucrative job opportunities; just have a glance through them –

  • JBS Marketing, USA
  • Allied Business Schools, San Francisco, California, USA
  • Asante Catering , California, USA
  • AT&T, Florida, USA
  • Global Marketing International, USA
  • Energy Partners Consultants, New York, USA

Eligibility for Sales Jobs
The first and foremost eligibility criterion for sales jobs is the willingness to travel frequently. Strong communication skills, leadership qualities and minimum level of educational degree (as per the company’s requirement) are the basic eligibility requirements for entering the sales job sector.

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