Jobs in Saudi Arabia

Jobs in Saudi Arabia are in great demand nowadays due to the country's economic policy. The country is trying to emerge as a self sufficient country so it has to increase its manpower with the mushrooming of several industries. Saudi Arabia is seeking the help of expatriates as the civilians are migrating to the western countries. The people of the country are not eager to earn at the cost of hard work and therefore recruiters are banking on foreign nationalities from overseas.

To become an employee of the country if you are a foreigner, then you have to arrange for a sponsor who will be your local guardian and will provide you essential guidelines. This selecting of a sponsor is compulsory if you really land up for Jobs in Saudi Arabia. In general your company can be your sponsor or any individual of your choice who resides in Saudi Arabia. Are you interested to have a detailed information regarding Jobs in Saudi Arabia? If yes then stay with us for some more time.

Those of you are planning to join a job in Saudi Arabia don't worry about the salary package. You must always keep in mind that salary in Saudi Arabia is generally paid in terms of USD and the exciting part of it is that it is tax free. You are also given numerous advantages as most companies provide free medical and housing facilities. You are also entitled to get bonus, air fare and other transportation costs from your employers. Hope these details are enough to motivate you to search for a job in Saudi Arabia, if you long to know more, then you can go through the following links:

Employment opportunities for graduates are restricted in Saudi Arabia. Instead those with practical or commercial experience will be given preference. With a university degree and the desired work experience you can get through different sectors including medicine, banking, healthcare and Information Technology. Arabic being the official language here, you need to be well versed with the same in order to come up with a lucrative offer. However, English is also widely spoken in Saudi Arabia. In fact, companies that count on overseas employees prefer using English as their language. If you want to maximize your chances of getting a job in Saudi Arabia, then prefer gaining professional experience from any international organization, which has its operations in Saudi Arabia.

Oil is the main industry in Saudi Arabia and accounts for about ninety percent of the country’s export. Besides, the other major industries include IT, healthcare, defense and telecommunications. However, even today Saudi Arabia experiences shortage of resources in divisions like IT, engineering, healthcare, education as well as construction. Hence, a relevant experience in any of these sectors will help you come up with a good compensation package. In recent years, the government has come up with the required efforts so as to bring in a diversification in the economy of Saudi Arabia. This diversification also focuses on natural gas exploration and power generation.

Saudi Aramco is the biggest employer in Saudi Arabia. Additionally, the other companies where you can look for job opportunities include SEC (Saudi Electricity Company), SABIC (Saudi Basic Industries Corporation) and STC (Saudi Telecom Company). This isn’t all, multinational companies like Schlumburger, Cisco Systems, BAE Systems, Procter & Gamble, Unilever, Nestlé and Siemens also have their branches in Saudi Arabia.

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