HR Policies in Saudi Arabia

Saudi Arabia is emerging as a modern nation in the world economy so it has to maintain decent HR policies for the benefit of its companies as well as for the benefit of employees. Basically Saudi Arabia's principal working force is women who have overtaken male workers. For these reasons Saudi Arabia is dedicated to build up HR Policies suitable for its employees. To know more about HR Policies in Saudi Arabia stay with us.

The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is a bit conservative against women. For working women the rules are to some extent rigorous. While they go to the work place they have to cover up their face with a veil though foreign immigrants are exempted from the practice. Women employees are treated with respect in the work place and are given salary equivalent to their male colleagues. They are provided security in the work place and if they are harassed (which is rare) in the work place they can lodge a complaint against the miscreants to the management body. The Government of Saudi Arabia takes all responsibilities for such cases.

Providing security for employees is a major concern for the companies established in Saudi Arabia. Therefore the Saudi Arabian Government has taken appropriate measures in combating against security problems prevailing earlier in the country. Nowadays expatriates have a 100 % safe working ambiance.

Generally HR Policies in Saudi Arabia are oriented for the betterment of working conditions. Each company has a separate HR division and the HR Policies are set up to boost up the interest of the employees. Special attention is given to expatriates as they step in a different culture which is previously unknown to them. Some of the salient points in HR Policies in Saudi Arabia are listed on this page:

1. Favorable Pay Scale
2. 100% Tax free salary
3. Free accommodation, transportation, airfare.
4. Leave facilities
5. Working Hours as per international standards
6. Bonus for Overtime
7. Bonus for religious purposes
8. Security to the workers.

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