IT jobs in Saudi Arabia

IT jobs in Saudi Arabia are flourishing at a phenomenal rate owing to the rapid development in IT sector in the Middle East. New projects are coming into shape frequently and recruiters are also looking for the right candidates who are qualified, competent and ready to relocate in Saudi Arabia. At present Saudi Arabia has invested a large sum of money for the country's overall development. Saudi Arabia's economy is also booming because of its control over the oil industry which contributes about 90% of the country's exports.

As new openings are surfacing on regular basis, Saudi Arabia is heading towards a self -sufficient economy but requires plenty of manpower. For these reasons there is a great demand of IT professionals in Saudi Arabia. This page gives you an opportunity to know about IT jobs in Saudi Arabia. If you want to delve deeper for information continue to be with us.

Posts available: Posts are available for Software professionals specializing in Databases, Unix and Microsoft Networks. The applicants should be able to handle Software Licenses Registers, System SW/ HW upgrades and setting Communication protocols for IT Operation Managers. Posts are also available for PL/ SQL Programmer and ASP Programmer.

Educational Qualifications: To apply for IT jobs in Saudi Arabia you must have a Bachelor's Degree in Information and Technology. A higher degree is appreciated always by the recruiters. Candidates having Diploma in Information and Technology can also apply for the posts.

Other requirements: A prior knowledge of SQL development languages is required for persons applying as Web technicians and PL/ SQL programmers.

Work Experience: A minimum 3- 5 years experience is required in the relevant posts. However applications from freshers are also invited from some of the companies. These companies will send the respective candidates to the US for 6 months training and after completion of the training candidates can start working Full Time for those companies.

Pay scale: For deserving candidates salary is negotiable, however some companies have a fixed salary that amounts to around 70,000 -75,000 USD. The remunerations are associated with various incentives such as free housing, transportation costs are provided by the respective companies and there are no tax deductions.

Working Hours: There are no specified working hours for the projects. It should be kept in mind that working days start from Saturdays in Saudi Arabia and are off on Thursdays and Fridays. In general, 5 days of working are practiced in Saudi Arabia.

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