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Nursing jobs in Saudi Arabia

Saudi Arabia is trying to emerge as a powerful nation with sufficient human resource. Apart from new investments in several other fields, many hospitals and health clinics are being inaugurated in order to provide clinical guidance to the ailing persons.

To meet the increasing demands the Saudi Arabia government has taken up a policy of recruiting nurses mostly from overseas to join in the humble profession.

There are several positive sides for working as a nurse in Saudi Arabia. First of all, the entire salary is tax free and a long vacation is granted in a single work year.

You can also enjoy some other extra benefits. Nursing jobs in Saudi Arabia sounds interesting? Why don't you glance over the page for a while?

Educational Qualifications: To apply for the posts you should have a Bachelors degree or preferably a Masters in Nursing. Diploma in Nursing from a recognized institution is also welcome.

Posts offered: The various posts offered in Nursing jobs in Saudi Arabia are:

  • Acute Care-RNs
  • Ambulatory Care-RNs
  • Critical Care-RNs
  • Community Health-RNs
  • Emergency Medicine-RN
  • Infection Control Practitioner-RN
  • Operating Room-RNs
  • Pediatric-RNs
  • Women's Health-RNs
  • Advanced Practice Nurse
  • Nurse Management

Other requirements: Knowledge of English is preferable. You should also be acquainted with computer operations. A candidate applying for the posts offered must be hard working, competent and should have a quality to work under all odd circumstances. You
should be dedicated to your work and should have a supportive attitude towards the patients.

Work experience: A minimum work experience of about 3 years is essential for the posts.

Working Hours: 48 hours work per week is minimum in shifting duties. The shifting may range from 8 hours per day to 12 hours per day depending upon situations.

Pay scale: Average yearly salary is 30,000 to 40,000 USD and is 100 % tax free plus free housing, free transportation and full one month leave in a single working year. There is overtime for working extra hours in some organizations.

Accommodation: Living quarters are available on twin sharing basis but you are not allowed to bring your family along with you in your apartment by any chance. Generally the quarters are very near to the hospitals and are provided with all the necessary furniture.

Other criteria: Overseas candidates with the requisite degrees are invited to place their applications to the recruiters and have high chances for getting selected for the posts.

Hope detailed information on Nursing jobs in Saudi Arabia.

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