English Speaking jobs in Singapore

The island city-state, Singapore is located off the southern tip of the Peninsula of Malay. Singapore is among one of the most developed countries, of the world and this is clearly evident, in the high economic growth rate of the country. An interesting aspect of Singapore is the presence of corrupt free environment, stable price and a high per capita GDP. The sectors on which its economy depends are exports in the fields of pharmaceuticals, electronics, IT products etc. With almost every industry in Singapore requiring interaction with people from other part of the world, there is a huge demand for English speaking jobs in Singapore.

The government in Singapore has long term ambitions and goals, which includes establishing the city-state as the financial and high tech hub of Southeast Asia. Today, English has emerged as one of the major lingua franca in the world, so any kind of trade, commerce or developmental work is impossible without the knowledge of English. There are a number of institutes, which offer English speaking and writing course to professionals, who wish to have better job prospects in Singapore.

English Speaking in Singapore

Singapore is a multi-lingual country, where a majority of the population speaks more than one language; they are either bi-lingual or multi-lingual. The British introduced English in Singapore, in the year 1819 when they first set up a port and later on a colony at the island. When Singapore attained independence, the government there decided to retain English as the main language, to take full advantage of economic prospects. The Government of Singapore gave official recognition, to four languages, namely English, Chinese (Mandarin), Tamil and Malay.

Singapore is perhaps, the only country in Asia, which has English as one of the official languages. The education system in Singapore officially uses English, as the language of instruction. The variant of English, which is commonly spoken in Singapore, is referred to as Singapore English. Basically there are three forms of English, which is spoken in Singapore. They are:

Broken English
Standard Singapore English (SSE)

The standard Singapore English spoken by many people in connection, to their work consists of British spelling and grammar. However, influences of American English are also evident in their speech and writing. One of the main reasons for this is the extensive propagation of American television shows in the country. Native speakers of English have a slightly British accent, with influences of India, Mandarin and Malay accent also visible.

Demand for English in Singapore

Right after Singapore attained independence from the British rule, there has been a demand for the English language. The language was one of the means, through which the locals could connect to the outside world and conduct their business. However, of late there has been a dramatic rise in all sectors, for qualified professionals, who can speak in English.

Various small, mid-sized and big firms have set up their offices in Singapore; many of them have further made this, their regional hub to cater as a gateway to other Asian markets. So, whether it is an IT job, management jobs, teaching jobs, and jobs in the hospitality sector or any others, English speaking is a must along with the other specific qualifications.

Prospects of English speaking jobs in Singapore

There are numerous job openings for qualified professionals, who can speak and write English. Right from teaching jobs, to customer care support, to translations jobs, to front office jobs there are numerous positions available, for those who are proficient in speaking English. The salary offered in these jobs is equivalent to the best in the industry; there are several advantages of working in Singapore. Some of the major advantages are:

Political stability
Clean environment
Open business policies
Multi-ethnic way of life
Inexpensive cost of living
World class infrastructure
Low rate of corporate and personal taxes
Top rankings in terms of ease in doing business, place to live etc

Qualification for English speaking jobs in Singapore

The English speaking jobs in Singapore are available in various sectors, as most firms conduct their business in English. The primary qualification for all these jobs is a good, reading and writing knowledge of English. Along with that, candidates will have to be technically qualified in various aspects of the specific job openings where they are qualifying. So if someone is applying for the job of a customer care professional, she/he will have to be efficient in that respective field along with having a very good command over written and spoken English.

Openings for English speaking jobs in Singapore

Tuition in English

Qualification: good knowledge in spoken and written English along with experience in providing tuition in English for all levels.

English Child care teacher
Qualification: excellent knowledge in spoken and written English; experience in child care centre needed

English translator
Qualification: excellent knowledge about English and the language in which translation is required; a bi-lingual or multi-lingual candidate will be ideal.

Customer care professional
Qualification: very good command over spoken English; ability to handle client calls and meet targets.

Sales Specialist
Qualification: Management degree with experience in relevant field and excellent English communication skills

Client Manager
Qualifications: Masters Degree in relevant field, experience in handling client and excellent English communication skills

Tax Manager
Qualification: Excellent knowledge about tax structure in Singapore, other relevant countries and APAC tax along with good communication skills in English

Risk reporting analyst
Qualification: University graduate passionate about numbers and analysis; excellent interpersonal and communication skills in English

Portfolio Manager
Qualification: Degree from a recognized university with abundant experience in real estate strategies and excellent communication skills in English

Marketing Manager
Qualification: MBA degree preferred with more than 8 years experience in relevant field including closely working with team, hiring; must have excellent communication skills in English to handle worldwide marketing.

Public Relations
Qualification: Degree in Mass Communication or equivalent with 5 years experience in relevant field. Excellent English communication skills are a must along with ability to multi-task.

Events Management
Qualification: Masters Degree from a recognized University with prior experience in overseas event management and execution; excellent English communication skills are a mustJ

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