Hospitality Jobs in Singapore

As an industry, the Hospitality sector is said to have a high potential and an appeal for all. The segment is huge and dynamic, and requires a great number of skilled, specialized workforces. The sector involves not only the hotels but also the restaurants, spas, wellness management, food and beverage and the like. The opportunity for success and innovation is huge in this industry for individuals who are goal oriented and possess an attitude of relishing their job with other people around. Singapore is the city that is fast catching up with Hotels, Aviation, Shopping Centers, Tourism, Education and other allied industries. The city is high on information as well as innovation, the matter as well as the manner of the services provided is of immense importance. Hence there lies a need for making some of the services personal, in order to have a greater recall value amidst the natives and the travelers. The attempt that the Government has now undertaken is to stress and enhance the hospitality Management of Singapore. Hence, now and in the near future there will be an increased number hospitality jobs in Singapore.

Hospitality sector provides interested candidates an array of career opportunities in various segments that falls under it. They can be broadly categorized as:-
  • Front Office Management.
  • Health and Wellness.
  • Housekeeping Services.
  • Operations and Research.
  • Public Relations
  • Security Services.
One can start working in these verticals directly by seeking an employment in a hotel, resort or in any of the above mentioned industries. However, the attraction to be part of the hotel industry is gaining prominence due its success and refined lifestyle

In Singapore, despite the economic downswing the key players of the hospitality biz have not given up on their expansion and innovation plans. They rather seem to be even more enticed by the new scopes and opportunities that have been the outcome of the recession, and are aiming at various ways to meet the demand of the people with strict budgets. Adding to that, the International Enterprise (IE) Singapore has been encouraging them to make a global presence. To name few such players would be the Pan Pacific Hotels Group, CTC Holidays resort, Frasers Hospitality are already engaged in launching new hotels and apartments and finalizing new management deals. The investment in service apartments and hotels have been in a grim situation a while back because of the steep prices. But now the picture has changed amidst recession. The hotels as well as other organizations falling under hospitality management are expanding operations, therefore they require specialized and dynamic work force to take charge and result in a positive growth.

The hospitality jobs in Singapore, would focus on the domains related to basic hotel and accounting, managing front office, housekeeping, managing hospitality human resource, social recreation, and also club management. Other sectors in which hospitality services are required would have their own criteria too. However, the students or aspirants of hospitality seeking a career in the relevant field would need to undergo a course on the subject from an accredited and certified institution. Though this is not compulsory, as some organizations in Singapore also provide an internal employee
training pertaining to hospitality management. Apart from this, to secure a job in this field in Singapore a candidate needs to be vibrant, dynamic and have the ability to approach people of various types. A good command in English and a pleasant but thorough professional attitude towards work is always beneficial. Relevant work experience also adds to it.

With the increase in the number of hotels, airlines, shopping centers, educational institution the need now remains with catering the people at its best. Hospitality would entail that the customer is taken good care of by the concerned organization and resulting in making him wish to visit the same place or use the service or service provider again. This also generates word of mouth publicity, thereby acting profitable for the organization. The hotels in Singapore offer various opportunities pertaining to hospitality.

One of the leading hotel chains in Singapore is the Marriott International. The group with almost 114 brands and 3,100 hotels and resorts worldwide is a key player in the industry. The group is known for its services that it offers to people in terms of hospitality and recreation. It engages specialized workforce who would use their skill and talent to entice the customers and make an experience with Marriott more than just a hotel stay. Today, the hospitality industry stresses more on the presentation of services than just the provision. For instance, room keeping in this is not only about cleaning and managing the room with clean and hygienic elements, but also to beautify the same as per the customers’ preference. This is what Marriott specializes in. Some of the domains in which hospitality jobs are available with the hotel are:-
  • Administrative and Support.
  • Facilities Management.
  • Food & Beverage.
  • Rooms Operation.
  • Guest Services.

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