HR policies in Singapore

Human resource, the backbone of a company, is basically responsible for the proper functioning of the various departments and for organizing the guidelines of the company. The HR policies are constructed to provide general and equal information and working procedures about the organization to all the employees. The human resource executives constantly monitor the workforce and try to utilize them to the optimum level. In addition they also look after the recruitment and retention plans, alter the working structure and policies when required, maintain the job responsibilities of all the staff and deal with the management and employees. The HR policies are prepared in a sophisticated manner, keeping in mind the benefits of both the parties and without hampering the company’s work.

To get a general idea about some of the HR policies in Singapore just glance through the following points. Leave policy: Executives are permitted to take leaves as per their requirements based on some criteria. They can avail annual leave, sick leave, compensatory leave, overtime leave and so forth by informing and on approval of the agency. The leave is regarded as unauthorized if not approved by the organization. Monetary benefits are provided to the employees for their accrued leaves.

Working hours policy: This policy is mended to give a scheduled and flexible working hours to the employees. The working hours have been fixed as 40 hours/week fro full time professionals. Organizations expect them to adhere to the working timings, take lunch and coffee breaks as approved and in times of emergency work overtime.

Hiring policy: On receiving of an application, the background and qualification of an individual is closely reviewed. If chosen he/ she should join the organization within 30 days or less. The candidate has to undergo the orientation for a definite period. A mental or physical impaired person gets extra benefits.
Temporary Workforce reduction (TWFR) policy: Companies are supposed to provide a minimum of two weeks notice period to the employees before placing them in TWFR. They are not offered the full amount of their salary; however, compensation benefits are paid to them by the agencies.

Payroll policy: Employees should receive the accurate amount for their monthly salary and on time. Regular review of the salary should be carried out and increased at certain intervals.

In regular intervals these and other HR policies that are not mentioned here are reviewed appropriately and changed accordingly keeping in mind the welfare of the employees and the companies.

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