Teaching Jobs in Singapore

Government of Singapore, through education policies and funding has always encouraged education. Today, Singapore stands out in the academic field and as per the statistics she has the highest (95%) literary rate in Asia.

The figure clearly narrates the prosperity of teaching jobs in Singapore. Be it any domains, Kindergarten, primary level, secondary or university, teachers are always in demand in Singapore.

There are numerous primary and secondary schools and universities where teachers can apply for a respectable job.

Go through the page and gain more knowledge about the jobs in Singapore, the pay scale and the working hours offered by the educational institutes.


Types of teaching jobs in Singapore

  •  Kindergarten
    Qualification: For teaching in kindergarten in Singapore one should have a diploma in preschool training or an early childhood degree. In addition a person should be warm and caring towards the children.
    Experience: Candidates are expected to have teaching experience of no less than 3-5 years.
    Working hours: These posts can be on full time or part time basis and largely depends on the private institutions, child care centers and the international schools.
    Pay scale: It’s not specified by any educational institution.

  • Primary schools
    Qualification: For the primary level teachers a Bachelor of education degree is a must.
    Experience: A minimum of 2-3 years of classroom experience is required. Applicants with international school experience are preferred.
    Working hours: Teaching hours in primary school is basically 40 hours/week.
    Pay scale: It’s judged on the basis of experience and qualification and is negotiable.
  • Secondary school
    Qualification: An applicant should hold a specialized honors degree from a renowned university and a PGCSE certificate.
    Experience: 3-5 years of relevant teaching experience with excellent communication skills and other experiences required for the post is well regarded.
    Working hours: The working hours stresses to 40 hours/week.
    Pay scale: It’s not specified by the educational institutes.
  • University
    Qualification: University degree holder with excellent written and verbal communication skills and necessary certificates (TESOL, CELTA and so forth) is the fundamental criteria for University professors/ lecturers.
    Experience: Experience required ranges from 3-5 years.
    Working hours: Generally its 40 hours/week. However, it differs for part time and full time professors.
    Pay scale: It’s not specified by the educational institutes.

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