HR policies in South Africa

With the installation of new government, administrative restructuring had to be initiated. A Human Resource Interdepartmental Task Team has been established to enhance coordination and to develop coherent policies and strategies. The HR policies of South Africa are influenced by these developments. A lot of foreign companies have now started investing in South Africa and this led the government to think seriously on how to improve the HR policies in South Africa. A large number of foreign nationals are employed every year because of the lack of skilled labor in South Africa. The South African HR department is trying to formulate such policies which will be friendly for all and a lot of local people will be interested to take up jobs here. Some of the important features of HR policies in South Africa are:

Recruitment Policies: Local nationals are entitled to get full time jobs in any industry provided they have proper skills and qualifications. For foreign nationals, a legal work permit, experience and proper qualification in the respective field are a must. Fluency in English and one of the official languages of South Africa are also important criteria to get jobs. The Employment Act, Department of Labor, controls the different recruitment
policies of South Africa. Signing of contract is essential on the part of both employer and employee.

Termination Policies: Termination policies are regulated by General Law of Contract and Statutory provisions of labor law. Employment can be terminated due to end of contractual period, long days of absence without notice or valid reason, negligence or misconduct in office etc. The employee can also terminate his/her services upon non payment of salary. A prior notice of 15 days should be given to the employees in case they are working with the company for less than a year. Those working for more than a year should be given a notice of 1 month.

Pension and benefits: The pension system in Egypt is carried through the Employee’s Provident Fund, which is entitled to monthly contributions by both employer and employee during the service period. After retirement, the employee is eligible to receive he pension funds. Women are provided with some extra benefits. Sharing of pension with near and dear ones is a practice in South Africa

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