IT jobs in Sri Lanka

Cropping up of new companies and the development carried out in other sectors of the country have aided the information technology to emerge largely. Invasion of the IT sector has augmented the economy’s growth as well as accelerated the growth rate of other sectors such as trade and commerce, agriculture, industry and so on. Development in the private sector has amplified the job opportunities and unfolded numerous IT jobs in Sri Lanka.
Further projects are carried out to upgrade the knowledge and skills of the IT professionals. However, much upgraded technology and infrastructure is required to improvise the IT sector of Sri Lanka further.
Sri Lankan government is working more arduously in order to take the country to a new horizon. Qualified IT professionals are hired from other countries to cater support to the big companies having their base in Sri Lanka. For more information on the IT jobs in Sri Lanka scroll down and go through the specified sections: 
Qualification: Candidate with a bachelor's degree in either electrical or Electronic Engineering or Computer Science is sought. For particular job or work profile specific specialization is required by the Information technology companies of Sri Lanka. In addition, more the managerial posts, apart from strong technical knowledge, management credentials are also necessary. 
Posts offered: From the numerous posts offered by the IT companies of Sri Lanka some of them have been jotted down below. 

Web Marketing Executive Computer Operator Technician Perl Developer Help Desk Analyst 2D Graphic Designer VB Developer Technical Analyst Support Technician Manager of Systems Specialist and so forth 
Work experience: Depending on the job profile the experience is set by the IT companies. Generally, 2-3 years is sought for a junior posts; whereas, for superior posts at least 5 years of relevant work experience is necessary. 
Other requirements: Apart from good academic background, skill in team management, excellent communication expertise and updated technical knowledge are some of the essential skills for the posts mentioned above. 
Working hours: On weekdays the IT companies work for 40 hours; whereas, some companies work half day on Saturdays. 
Pay scale: Pay scale for IT jobs in Sri Lanka ranges from 7,000 to 15,000 per month. However, it can be emended on the basis of an applicant’s credentials and work experience. 

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