Marketing Jobs in Sri Lanka

With the coming in of new companies, marketing jobs in Sri Lanka have seen new prospects. In all the sectors of Sri Lanka namely, agriculture, finance, telecommunication, banking, textile, petroleum and so forth, the need for skilled employees is increasing. Skilled workers from overseas are hired in handful of sectors for catering help to the marketing sector of the country. For escalating the production of the companies and growth of the country’s economy the government has come up with well structured policies. The marketing professionals play a major role in broadening the market for the companies and promoting the particular commodities. Applicants are absorbed by the companies’ at large scale for the benefit for marketing there products. The following information will give you a better perspective on the various aspects of marketing jobs in Sri Lanka.
Qualification: Apart from a Bachelor Degree in any domain, a Post Graduate Degree or Diploma in either marketing or in some related field is necessary. Candidates with specialized skills in marketing are preferred. The candidates applying for the superior positions should possess management degrees as well. 

Posts offered: Among the numerous marketing posts offered by the companies some of them have been listed below for your reference:
Marketing Executive Marketing Trainee Sales Executive Marketing Finance Manager Business Analyst Regional Marketing Director Market Development Manager Marketing Cost Analyst Marketing Compliance Manager and so forth 
Work experience: Candidate with a minimum of 1-2 years of experience is sought after by the companies. For the superior posts applicants with a higher experienced background is preferred. 
Other requirements: A good command over English with knowledge of Tamil is required. Applicants with a pleasant personality, self motivating, leadership quality, good marketing skills and the ability to handle critical situations are preferred by the companies of Sri Lanka. 
Working hours: Mostly marketing employees have to work for 40 hour/week; however, depending on the work pressure and the projects the hours can be extended. 
Pay scale: It has not been specified by the companies of Sri Lanka. However, the salary of the perfect candidates is accompanied by other perks and benefits. 

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